CBR reveals exclusive preview from IDW’s G.I. Joe #6

Season Two of IDW’s G.I. Joe title is going strong as the Cobra Civil War unleashes chaos among the Joe team.  Keeping the suspense strong, CBR posts an ominous exclusive preview with a somewhat concerning cover.

Obviously taking homage from the famous cover from Crisis on Infinite Earths, only time will tell if it bears an impact on the story within.  There are also several internal pages to read as well, which continue the frenetic action from the G.I. Joe series.

Check out a mirrored image from one of the covers below, and hit up CBR.com for the full preview.

10 thoughts on “CBR reveals exclusive preview from IDW’s G.I. Joe #6

  1. IDW’s likes to play up the homage covers. First Days of Futures past cover and now the Crisis cover.

    And don’t forget the Cobra cover that was taken from Alpha Flight!

  2. @ M6D – Don’t forget the famous Batman carrying Robin( Jason Todd) image. Can’t remember if it was a cover too but very similar idea.

    And All I thought was to paraphrase South park- ” Oh my god – they killed Scarlett.. You Bastards! ” lol

  3. I’m not taking anything away from this cover. G.I. Joe #5 has a picture of Duke on the cover holding the Agent Z virus, and he doesn’t even show up in the book. ALSO, did anyone else notice that some of the characters in the background are already dead in the IDW universe? Lol.

  4. I was so dissatisfied with IDW’s main GI Joe title I gave up on it a long time ago and then dropped all IDW GI Joe pulls when I found out the other titles would be crossing over with it. Chuck Dixon’s take on GI Joe was consistently so far from what I liked about the characters and the franchise, I could not take it. The dialogue, action, and characterization in this preview is the first sign to me that he may finally be writing GI Joe in a way I enjoy.

  5. Huh, you must be one of those people who wants a story to make sense, move along at an even pace, feature characters that aren’t just codenames with no personality and I bet you even want to care about the characters and what’s going on.

    Well! Let me tell you, with lofty expectations like that it’s a good thing you are staying away from the Dixon titles because contrary to Cobra, Dixon’s GIJoe doesn’t have any of those qualities. Hell, the only one of those the MUCH better Snake Eyes has is some better pacing.

    Both titles are pale shadows next to the Cobra title.

    Either give the next run of books (Year 3) to the Cobra writer or bring back Brandon Jerwa to the Joe titles.

  6. And every single one of those aforementioned covers was in homage to Michelangelo’s Pieta!

  7. It is more a homage of the Infinite Crises cover – then many characters in the background. I hope Scarlett doesn’t die and I find it interesting it is Duke and not Snake-eyes holding her on the cover.

  8. Of course, have the asshole of the group who treated her like shit in this storyline be the one to carry her and cry over her when Scarlett and Snake Eyes have stared to have feelings for each other… and that’s becoming like… what was the point of that at all????

    I will never undestand why Larry Hama is the only writer who wants Snake Eyes and Scarlett as a couple. They’ve been with each other for just about 30 years (something a lot of comic book couples can’t live up to), but every animated, live action and other G.I. Joe comic titles just ignores them completely… WTF?!?!?!?!

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