GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Renegades Duke and Firefly!

We wrap up reviews of Wave 2 of the 30th Anniversary figures, with G.I. Joe: Renegades versions of Duke and Firefly.

While I thought Duke looked neat from initial pictures, my in-hand perspective is a bit different.  Firefly matched right up.  Check out my 30th Anniversary Review Page, or hit up the links directly below.

41 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Renegades Duke and Firefly!

  1. Do you ever mention anything critical of the figures or do you just blow hasbro every time? The 30th Cobra trooper’s pistol doesn’t even stay in the holster for christ’s sake. They are turning out toys that can’t be played with, they’re just little statues for adults to play dress up with.

  2. Critical? What is this critical you speak of? Sorry, give me a minute to get Hasbro out of my mouth and I’ll respond.

  3. Well, kudos for getting your kids involved. Unfortunately these days, children are in the minority when it comes to the Joe audience, so Hasbro tries to take their time catering to adult collectors. So far the response from the collector crowd has been good.

    Maybe if I was a kid reviewing these toys, I’d review from a kid’s perspective, but because I am an adult, I review them as an adult.

  4. Huh. This is disappointing.

    I absolutely love those legs. The long, baggy pants just look awesome, and I’d like to see them reused.

    And the head sculpt is indeed wicked (he’d make one hell of a Chuckles, methinks), but those pupil-less eyes are just weird; from a distance it’s alright, even next to more realistic figures. Up close, however, he looks funky. I’d be tempted to put some pupils in there with a marker or something, which’d probably ruin the figure.

    The non-painted weapons suck, and that was a stupid, stupid choice for a lower abdomen; it has a very obvious indentation for a very specific belt, so he looks lame without the vest, which is a shame because otherwise he’d look great without the vest.

    I don’t agree with Critical Guest, ’cause there’s so much snark on the internet that I for one enjoy your enthusiasm. I will offer one suggestion, though: no more disclaimers. I read your reviews quite frequently, and it seems like every other review starts off with something to the effect of “Yes, it’s another Duke” (or Snake Eyes or Destro or whoever) or “I don’t like arctic figures, but…”

    Screw it, man; we all know the context: Hasbro keeps making the same characters. If we’re reading a review of Snake Eyes #7,839, then we’re presumably okay with that. Just judge the figure based on aesthetics and articulation and show us the purty pictures; no need to be self-conscious.

  5. Forgot to read the Firefly review.

    Again, I’ve only seen the Renegades pilot, so maybe if I’d seen some Firefly-themed episodes this’d be more exciting, but for now… meh. (Which is a huge relief, frankly; last year at this time I was overseas and crap like Jungle Viper was hitting shelves and absolutely haunting me).

    As for which Firefly to pick for dios, the PoC one may be the least like classic Firefly, but for my money he’s also easily the coolest of the ones in your photo. I still need to get the TRU exclusive version for my collection.

  6. As always good reviews. I enjoyed reading this. Love that firefly its a “must have it quickly” for me :)
    But i agree with Monte, ther is to much “…another SE/CC/Duke…” etc. U mentioned this in all 4 reviews of renegades figures :P

  7. Man, that head sculpt is nice, my favorite yet. It looks ridulously great on the resolute figure!

  8. I’ve been thinking of making that Duke a “Special Operator Chuckles” as well, good call Monte!

  9. Justin’s reviews are generally enthusiastic, and I don’t always agree with them (waaaay unfair to PoC Blowtorch!) but he’s consistent in his approach. You don’t have to agree with a reviewer to enjoy his or her reviews and to find them informative. Justin does a great job in writing them and photographing them, and his reviews are a must-read for me before I buy. You could try being a better guest than a critic, Critical Guest.

    I do lament the playability of modern figures, but, as Justin points out, kids are in the minority these days. These action figures are for grown-ups. My advice when playing with your kids? Invest heavily in Super Glue. I usually put most of the accessories away on any figure I’m letting them play with or that’s within reach. The rest I glue to the figure. It sucks and it decreases resale/trade value, but fact of the matter is that none of these things retain much value anyway, especially if they’re being used for play.

  10. Also, the best adult collector toys to be played with right now? MOTUC. Those things are solid and fun. My kids love ’em!

  11. Yes on Chuckles! Resolute Duke is my Duke for sure, but this is a cool fig, and it would be a shame not to use him for something cool. Chuckles it is!

  12. BTW, Justin, how did you happen to say Firefly is the standout of the Renegades figs, yet star him lower than Duke? Wha…?

  13. Monte, thanks very much for the feedback. I truly appreciate the insight. I guess over the years I have gotten a bit defensive, after being attacked sporadically for various reasons. You’re right, I have nothing to need to defend myself over, so I will make an effort to be less self-conscious and just speak my mind.

    As for Chuckles… that is pure brilliance. LOVE it.

  14. You know, I think you would have appreciated Firefly in the Renegades cartoon. He was less of a straight-laced saboteur, and more a fiercely obsessive fire-starter. Something that I think you would appreciate. It was a cool twist.

  15. Ooh, that is an interesting approach for Firefly. I am eager to see the darn show, but iTunes charges too much and YouTube has audio problems.

    Also, looking at Duke’s head again… it could perhaps work as Spike the vampire, too.


  16. And just notice that. Isn’t the lower legs the same as RoC Storm Shadow or PoC Desert Battle Storm Shadow??

  17. I think Duke and Firefly turned out very well. Duke’s head sculpt is great, and IMO is very reminiscent of the cartoon version, with it’s sharp features. The wrinkles and creases of the vest give it a great worn, weathered look (though the brown wash might be a bit overdone; not bad, however). A little weak on accessories, though. So I equipped him with POC wave 3 Duke’s rifle which fits well in his hand, and I put a pair of binoculars (25th ones I think) around his vest’s collar. They fit there as though they were molded to fit there. Adds a nice detail to his vest. Also, put those Desert Viper goggles on his head, looks pretty cool.

    I wasn’t too excited for Firefly initially, but in hand, I’m loving him. I like handling him, his vest gives him a nice bulk, and the arms are so cool. Now, about his mask–to me it looks like one of those medical face masks that you see burn victims wearing while their faces are healing. And in the cartoon, there was some indication that Firefly did indeed have burn injuries (as seen on his scarred hand while he was talking to the Baroness). Anyway, I like the head sculpt, and the exposed nose doesn’t bother me at all.

  18. That’s a good observation, DF. That backpack really “tied the room together”, as it were. Actually, I also really liked the colors on FF here as well. Maybe on a later revision.

  19. Hey, I’m just busting his balls. I appreciate the site too and enjoy the detailed photos. Here’s a question — kids don’t play with gi joe because the playability is lacking, or the playability is lacking because kids don’t play with them? Some of this stuff that’s made, I wonder did the fine folks at Hasbro even observe a child playing with it for 2 minutes?

  20. I really like that Duke head sculpt! The best one yet, IMHO. I can’t wait to buy this version of Duke, though I may swap out the vest for POC Jungle Assault Duke’s web gear and see how that looks. Renegade Duke’s vest reminds me too much of a bomb squad tech’s vest, the way the neck part comes up so far.

  21. I can definitely see where your concerns about the vest are coming from, but really, in hand, the vest works very well IMO, it’s relatively thin and close fitting and not all that bulky. Also, that collar on the vest does a great job at hiding his overly long neck. I haven’t tried other vests on him yet, but I’m afraid that if I did, his neck wouldn’t look right. But he looks great with his own vest.

  22. DVD Duke is the only Duke you ever need! He reminds me of McAuley Culkin in Home Alone. :-p

    I agree that the AK is pretty awesome. I probably won’t get FF so I hope we see it again.

  23. I ordered a Renegades Duke off of ebay earlier tonight. Not sure when they’ll arrive in stores around here. Impatience got the best of me once I read the review and saw the pics! I’ll swap out his vest with the Jungle Assault Duke web gear and see how it looks on him, and if I wind up not liking it, I have other tactical vests to try, or I may just like the one he comes with. That’s the great thing about having extra parts!

  24. Not crazy at all about Firefly. I’ll take the POC or TRU versions any day. But that’s just me.

  25. So my question really is, is anyone gonna call Hasbro out on this? After we poured the praise on them for PoC and all those glorious accessories they pull this crap??? I really dig these Renegades toys and I love Firefly but he needed that backpack……I’m just too disapointed to enjoy them. I know what we got is still great but it’s kind of like being promised a Lambourghini and then given a Porsche :(

    Worse, I now really fear what we will get with future 30th figs. Like Lifeline will only come with a gun and that stupid parachute and none of the cool accessories that make him Lifeline. I really hope not, but who knows now.

  26. Not sure what you are basing “playability” on. Star Wars toys are the most popular yet some of them have two points of articulation. True, they won’t fall apart but of the 40 or so I have, maybe two can hold their weapon and actually move more than half an inch before it comes tumbling out. For the life of me I cannot pose a Clone Trooper without his weapon falling out of his hands, while the new Cobra Trooper has a death grip on his rifle. Yeah the handgun doesn’t really work but then again most kids will lose that small gun and the even smaller silencer in like 2.3 seconds. I think some credit has to be given to all the poses EVERY GI Joe figure can be put into while kids friendly lines like Clone Wars have figures you can stand in one pose and that’s it. I have no experience with the new MOTUC but at that price “kid-friendly” is the last thing that comes to mind……unless you’re Richie Rich :D

  27. I look at Fireflys’ gear, and I can’t help but think we missed out on a Major Bludd. Firefly was a one shot, Maj. Bludd at least had two. Guess we’ll never know

  28. Yeah, I would have loved to have gotten a Major Bludd. I never really cared for the ARAH Major Bludd, but I loved how he was portrayed in Renegades. Renegades Firefly…not so much (though I do like the figure). Furthermore, in less than a year we’ll be getting a GI Joe: Retaliation movie Firefly anyway. It would have been great to get a kick ass figure of a Renegades character that is unlikely to appear in Relatiation (such as Bludd).

  29. Can’t tell if anyone else has made the observation since the comment format here seems to eventually cause replies to become single strings of Matrix code, but it needs to be pointed out that Helix’s “ridiculous laser rifle” is actually the H&K G11, an experimental German assault rifle from the 1970s-1980s built as a test-bed for 4.73x33mm caseless ammunition…

  30. I’m not a big fan of Duke’s rifle either. It kills me when H releases a gun with a stock so long that the figure can’t come close to holding it. A simple fit check would have told them that.

  31. It’s cutting costs. It sucks, but I have no doubt Hasbro knows it sucks and are sucking it up and doing it anyway. Something tells me you have nothing to worry about with Lifeline… I’m sure he’ll come with all of the critical medical equipment.

  32. It is a bummer that the figs aren’t coming with all of their gear. Duke has a climbing pack listed and I’m a sucker for climbing packs, parachute packs etc. I really hope more of the Renegades figs come out because I would love to get the whole team together. One of those Cobra trucks would be really neat too.

  33. On the up side the toon laser rifle will still come with the Cobra trooper. I really think Trat should come with his toon laser pistol. I would love to see a Roadblock as well.

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