More offerings and very cool things in the works at Yetibrew Design

A couple of months ago, I revealed to the Joe community a great new custom parts service called Yetibrew Design, and showcased a “Dragonfly Upgrade Kit” that seemed to get some pretty good response.

Well, as the infomercial says, “That’s not all!”

Ian, proprietor of Yetibrew sends along word that his Dragonfly Upgrade Kit has spawned some cool new items, such as “…small (7 round) and large (19 round) rocket pods as well as a land mine dispenser with removable mines and a two part gatling gun assembly which is based on a gatling pod used on AH1 helicopters in Vietnam.”

He has also adapted a rocket pod for use with the awesome Pursuit of Cobra Ghost Hawk vehicle!  Images of these items can be seen below:

If you want to check out the Dragonfly parts, click here.

But…wait for it…  “that’s not all!”  Yetibrew has something else big in the wings that a lot of fans seemed to indicate a desire for.  Many fans have wondered why the HISS Tank has a clear glass canopy.  Well, Ian wants to change that.  He doesn’t have the actual model done yet, but he has sent along some beautiful renders for an armored canopy for your vintage HISS.  This thing looks awesome!  Check out the images for that below:

How freaking cool is that?  Man.  Seems like the sky is the limit with this stuff.  Bad ass.  Head over there and spend some money!  If we can show that this stuff is viable, there could be some even better stuff down the road.

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  1. I wonder if they could do the Vanes (Part of the fan assembly) for the WHALE. I was just thinking about how having a 3D printer would be good for making some of the bits of the vehicles that have broken over the years

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