Marlon Wayans interview hints at the fate of the Rise of Cobra Ripcord?

First of all, spoiler alert?


Tough to say.  Marlon Wayans is a professional comedian, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he ad-libbed an interview here or there to get some people to notice, but hey, I still think this bears watching.

Member of the Terror Drome forums Roadblock Recall apparently heard an interview with the Wayans Brothers on local radio today promoting a comedy show, and Marlon was asked about the G.I. Joe series.  His answer may surprise you, and to avoid spoilers you’ll have to click the “Read the Rest of this Story” link below for the details.

Still with us?

In the words of the aforementioned Roadblock Recall:

“Listened to a local radio station interview of Shawn and Marlon Wayons today. Marlon complained a little about not being in GI Joe 2. He said something like “I guess they realized they forgot to kill me in the first movie so now they have to do it in the sequel”

He elaborates that the sequel film begins at the funeral for Ripcord and he has apparently been killed at some point between G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  This of course begs the question…if they’re killing off Ripcord, what is the fate of the rest of the cast from the first film?  Something similar?

Anyone notice that Channing Tatum only spent a couple of days filming the sequel in New Orleans before moving on to another project?


Thanks again to Roadblock Recall from The Terror Drome for the info.

  • Marc

    So, we’ll have an “off-screen” death or somesuch, to be detailed with flashbacks or something?

  • Anonymous

    For my part the less they refer to first movie the better . I never understood why they changed Ripcords character and made him 1 black and 2 such a prominent figure , And the whole Duke & Baroness thing was just silly and Im not even gonna talk about Heavy Duty or ahem …Breaker

  • RedMnc

    It’s probably Marlon trying to be funny. Isn’t that how they quickly swept Charlie Sheen’s character under the rug in the the 2 1/2 Men premiere?

  • Ryan

    Surely that’s not it for Channing Tatum. I mean don’t actors often film a couple of projects at one time anyway. Tatum might be shooting another movie for a couple of weeks then get called back to Joe later.

  • Alisha

    Confused! There is another one coming, or are we talking about cartoons? Or are we talking about just the first movie?

    It seems i may be a little old to watch G.I Joe Renegades but I love that cartoons series…very funny, and action filled. It satisfies my tastes! Oh and Snake Eyes is such a beast!!!!! Ninjas are always the coolest!

  • Andrew Hall

    Makes sense that everyone would be dead. The movie is called ‘G.I. Joe Retaliation’, afterall.

  • Andrew Hall

    There’s another movie coming in June of 2012. It’s currently filming right now.

  • Valo487

    Suits me. I was not a fan of the way they shoehorned him into the first movie anyway.

  • best news i heard all day

  • Ripcord ALMOST saved the first movie. Held up against Scarlett, the Baroness, Breaker, and others, Wayans was easily a high point of that film. Still, I understand the need to keep Duke and Snake Eyes, as well as the eagerness to dump the rest of the original cast. I’m interested to see how dusting the guy between films will play out.

  • Dwindler

    Speaking of Ripcord Death, Actor and Stuntman Jim Palmer to played Clutch in GI Joe 2, Saw information on IMDB

  • Gnoixjwv Av

    It’s obvious you don’t see duke or ripcord on the cover of GI Joe2 posters.

  • Gnoixjwv Av

    I can understand if they killed off duke becus in the cartoon he got killed too just like the Transformers movie cartoon Optimus Prime died as well. lol.