GeneralsJoes Reviews 30th Anniversary Stalker and Cobra Viper

All week long I’ve been adding Wave 1 30th Anniversary figures to my review page, and figured I shouldn’t make an exception for today!

The last two figures from the initial wave have been posted, and you can get to them directly at the links below:

Casting site verifies Cobra Commander will appear in the G.I. Joe Sequel

Well, in a way, I guess.

I think we were all pretty certain that Cobra Commander had to appear somewhere in G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  I think the question was mostly when, where, and who was playing him.  Well, we still don’t know who is playing him, but we know who the stand in is!

A well known casting site for the G.I. Joe sequel has posted some casting information for a unit scheduled to work today, September 21st.  You can see it here.  The cast list calls for stand ins for “Warden”, “Storm”, and “CC”.  Only makes sense that they’re referring to the prison warden, Storm Shadow, and Cobra Commander.  One would think, anyway.

So, another larger question is, does this indicate some sort of “prison break” sequence?  Or is something more sinister going on?  With a fairly established actor playing the prison warden in Walt Goggins, it feels like he may play a larger role than simply a victim of an escape.  But maybe I’m reading too much into it.  Heck, if Zartan is president, he might just pardon Cobra Commander in the first place.

Looking forward to hearing more information, and hopefully some time soon we’ll get a peek at what Cobra Commander looks like.  Fingers crossed for some battle helmet action!  Thanks to BCYOJOE from for the info!