GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Hazard Viper and Cobra Trooper

It’s review-a-mania!  With Hasbro’s G.I. Joe releases it is either feast or famine.  For the past several months there has been not a whole lot of activity at retail for G.I. Joe, and now within the past 2 weeks I’ve gotten 30th Anniversary Wave 1 figures, the two Wave 1 Bravo vehicles, and UPS should be dropping off my Wave 2 G.I. Joe: Renegades figures this afternoon.


Well, not one to be intimidated, I’m continuing the review train full steam ahead, and loading ’em all up on my 30th Anniversary Review Page.  The next two victims:

15 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Hazard Viper and Cobra Trooper

  1. In my opinion they need to keep the Cobra Trooper in all future cases of 30th. Kokomo Toys had 80 of these guys up from wave 2 they recieved, all sold in 48 hours. These guys are hard to find in the quantities collectors want. This is one figure that can always be on shelves in my opinion. If I can’t find anything new, I would never complain about buying a few more Cobra Troopers. I hope Hasbro realizes what a gem they have here. Take a look at E-Bay in the last couple months. HUGE armies of the 25th Cobra Troopers are being sold for pennies on the dollar, everyone wants these new guys instead.

    Hazard Viper is cool too. Just looks odd next to the Ice Viper though.

  2. I agree. The Cobra Trooper is my new all time favorite trooper, with the Viper a close second. These are two extremely well done updates. I also really hope Hasbro comes out with a new Cobra Officer to compliment the Troopers.

  3. i agree with hawkwinter…..even though im pretty much thru with regular cobra troopers. hasbro sure gets the theory with clone troopers in the Star Wars line.

    looking forward to the renegades cobra trooper though.

  4. Man, everything is coming out so fast! I never found wave 5 and 6 of PoC and now stores are either stocking these or wave 1 and 2 of PoC (LOTS of wave 1 and 2…). I hate when this happens!

    …I want some Jungle BATs still…

  5. “From an accessory perspective, Hazard-Viper has the Volcano Viper beat pretty easily.”

    I was gonna say this isn’t accurate if you count the Lava Pod that came with the Volcano Viper (or vice versa, I suppose, to be fair), but most people hate the Pod so much that I guess you could argue that point, especially since the Volcano Viper doesn’t even fit into it, if memory serves.

    That said, a friend was kind enough to pick up a Hazard Viper or two for me (though I won’t be able to nab ’em from him until next summer or summer 2013), and I’m glad he did, but I think the Volcano Viper looks much cooler still.

    I wish they’d quit reusing all these masked heads to death, though…

  6. I am the only person who isn’t blown away by the new Cobra Trooper in hand. I feel like it’s too floppy, actually. I’m pretty pleased with my army of 25th troopers, and maybe I can get hold of some as people get rid of them now.

  7. On the other hand, I love the Hazard Viper! Can’t wait to ship my loot and get these guys poisoning some resevoirs…proverbially, of course.

  8. The Hazard Viper was going to be a pass for me but I buy cases from BBTS. Man and I glad I got him. He is one of those figs that breaks my cardinal rules of action figures. He doesn’t have a lot of “action” in him because of his gear but I love this fig because he just looks so darn cool. Skydive is another fig that is a cool plastic statue. I can definitely see these guys quietly roaming around a city like in a zombie move.

    Where did you get the extra info on compound Z? That’s pretty cool.

    The Cobra Trooper is simply awesome. The articulation is excellent and this is the trooper that I think everyone has been waiting for ever since the 25th line was announced.

  9. I’m just sick to death of Cobra Troopers in general. I’d have much rather had the Jungle B.A.T (who I found to be much, much harder to get than the Cobra Trooper) in the case assortment. But I’m certainly glad the Troop is there for the people who really want him.

  10. Yeah, me too. Loving the 30th Cobra Trooper doesn’t mean I’m not excited about getting the Renegades one, which I am. I’ll army build those guys as well (if possible)

  11. The little things about the hazard viper make me not like him as much as I want to. I hate figures with unused holes/pegs, so HV’s missing tank really annoys me. He feels incomplete. Also, he can’t really hold onto any of his weapons that well. His case and guns always pop out of his hands. Plus I don’t see any real reason for coming with two of the same pistol, other than something relating to his use of skydives arms, especially if he can store them anywhere. I never got a volcano viper but I feel I’d like him more than HV.

  12. Part of me wants to make the Hazard Vipers part of the staff that help Cobra create their own Super-Soldiers, rather than the zombies, as Hasbro is trying with these guys.

    On another note, I love the mileage they’re getting out of the Shock Trooper parts. I really do.

  13. I agree with you, the Cobra Trooper is a terrible toy. The knife and gun fall out of their respective holsters and once you take his helmet off, any sort of action play a child does with him will knock it off. It’s this reason GI Joe is where it is. Hasbro is sloppy with these toys and they’re just not fun for kids to play with. The collector community doesn’t hold Hasbro to any decent standard, they just get a boner whenever they throw out figures like this.

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