Wave 2 of G.I. Joe: Renegades/30th Anniversary appearing at brick and mortar Wal-Marts

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the toy aisles…  or leave the toy aisles as the case may be.  The picked over corpses of Wave 1 of the 30th Anniversary figures aren’t even cold yet and already Wave 2 has begun processing through distribution centers and hitting retail shelves!

Over at HissTank.com Squall42080 found them at his local (Pennsylvania) Wal-Mart, while over at Marvelous News, Vespa reports the same findings.

Of course, don’t forget, these items are also available at your favorite online retailers as well, including Kokomo Toys, Big Bad Toy Store, and SmallJoes.

Mea Culpa on the 30th Anniversary Steel Brigade review

I posted the review for the 30th Anniversary Steel Brigade and Iron Grenadier last night, and I erroneously noted a few “differences” between the Pursuit of Cobra Steel Brigade and the 30th Anniversary Steel Brigade figure.

When I opened my PoC Steel Brigade figure, somehow I must have lost track of the SCAR machine gun, and didn’t notice that he had it…and my PoC Steel Brigade figure also had clean arms.  However, I am getting reports that the PoC Steel Brigade figure did indeed have paint wash on his arms and did come with the SCAR.

My bad.

Check out the review right here.