GeneralsJoes kicks off 30th Anniversary reviews – Iron Grenadier and Steel Brigade

It seems like a very long time ago that we got our first glimpse of the 30th Anniversary figures… in fact, it was back at Toy Fair in February when many of these toys made their first debut.  While most Joe fans are used to a big splash with the first wave of a new assortment, this time around, we got let into the pool gently, with an initial wave consisting mostly of repaints and re-releases.

The two figures I will look at first are remarkably similar to their previous versions, both found in the Pursuit of Cobra Waves 5 and 6.  Being the very cool troop builders that they are, though, not many folks complained.

So, starting today, hit up my 30th Anniversary Review Page, and expect new reviews posted throughout the week.  It begins now!