G.I. Joe fan and comic writer Brandon Jerwa working on comic documentary

Shame on me for not mentioning this sooner.

G.I. Joe fans who have been around for more than a couple of years likely recognize the name Brandon Jerwa.  A G.I. Joe fan who wrote the Devils’ Due comic for several issues, Brandon has been able to successfully bridge the line between fan and professional.

His latest project is a very ambitious and very interesting to comic fans, I think…  started at SDCC, Mr. Jerwa and his fellow production team is endeavoring to produce “Untold Tales of the Comic Industry” with interviews and insight from many industry professionals.  It is a great looking project that I think many comic geeks would enjoy.

They have been running a Kickstarter funding project over the past few weeks and are getting VERY close to their goal.  However, they only have 24 hours to meet that goal.  So I figured I’d put the word out just in case folks aren’t aware and want to support the endeavors of a fellow G.I. Joe fan, especially considering the end result would be pretty interesting to most of us.

Check out the Kickstarter Project right here!  I’ve also embedded the video trailer below:

  • Hawkwinter

    Miss this guy. Loved his version of GIJoe, it was exactly what I always wanted GIJoe to be like. Along with the first 50 issues of the original run, Brandons DDP issues are my most treasured GIJoe comics.

    Wish him luck with this project and everything else he may do down the road.