GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW G.I. Joe: Cobra 5

If anyone really thought that recent issues had diverged a bit from the core of what made G.I. Joe: Cobra great, they get a firm reintroduction with this issue, in my opinion.  Now I will warn folks, where I avoided spoilers in the review for Issue #4, I tackle them in spades here, just because I cannot tell the tale of this issue without revealing some things.

Issue #4 put some great things in motion, but issue #5 takes that ball and really runs with it, picking up the pace, introducing some new players, and continuing to evolve the nature of the G.I. Joe mythology.

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GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW G.I. Joe: Cobra 4

Hey, folks, it’s a two for one!

I honestly can’t quite remember the release schedule for these two issues…but I figured since I was on a review roll for IDW, I’d play a little “catch up” with the G.I. Joe: Cobra title, since these two issues in particular almost necessitate reading back to back.

Over the past few years, IDW’s Cobra series has been a landmark title.  It’s funny really, because it’s almost the polar opposite from the Real American Hero title.  Where I love Real American Hero for it’s bright colors, crisp 80’s style and over-the-top action, Cobra is dark, ethically muddled, and extremely introverted in comparison.  However, I manage to enjoy both titles for these very distinct and disparate reasons.

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GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW’s G.I. Joe: RAH #170

Wow…has it been that long since I reviewed an IDW book?  Yes, it has.  Shame on me.

The real tragedy is that I’ve been enjoying IDW’s Joe books recently, by and large, but I just haven’t had time to review every issue as I would like.  Trying to change that.  I’m at a training seminar this week, and I decided to take a bit of a break today from studying to get some G.I. Joe fix in.  It also helps that I had easy access to a comic store today to pick up a few issues.  Back at home, I normally pick up my monthly books right across the street from work at a local Newbury Comics.  Well, Hurricane Irene flooded that entire shopping plaza out a few weeks back, which has limited my ability to quench my Joe comic fix.

Granted, there are digital copies out there from IDW for sites that review their content, but I usually prefer to flip through a paper copy of the book while typing up the review, just for simplicity sake.  Call me old school.

Now, because of the delay in newsletter releases compared to the “real time” access on the internet, I have been reviewing the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero title for the Collectors’ Club newsletter, but rather than just copy and paste the same content to the web, I’d rather do separate reviews in the various medium.  But I figured that enough was finally enough and I needed to get back on track.  Hit the jump to read the latest review.

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G.I. Joe fan and comic writer Brandon Jerwa working on comic documentary

Shame on me for not mentioning this sooner.

G.I. Joe fans who have been around for more than a couple of years likely recognize the name Brandon Jerwa.  A G.I. Joe fan who wrote the Devils’ Due comic for several issues, Brandon has been able to successfully bridge the line between fan and professional.

His latest project is a very ambitious and very interesting to comic fans, I think…  started at SDCC, Mr. Jerwa and his fellow production team is endeavoring to produce “Untold Tales of the Comic Industry” with interviews and insight from many industry professionals.  It is a great looking project that I think many comic geeks would enjoy.

They have been running a Kickstarter funding project over the past few weeks and are getting VERY close to their goal.  However, they only have 24 hours to meet that goal.  So I figured I’d put the word out just in case folks aren’t aware and want to support the endeavors of a fellow G.I. Joe fan, especially considering the end result would be pretty interesting to most of us.

Check out the Kickstarter Project right here!  I’ve also embedded the video trailer below: