G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Wave 2 hot on the heels of Wave 1

Seems like it took forever for me to get Wave 1 of the 3oth Anniversary, and when it finally arrived, it was just before I had to come down to Massachusetts for training, so I didn’t have a whole lot of time to mess with them.  But sure enough, just after Wave 1 hit domestic “retail”, here comes Wave 2!

Packaged samples of the second wave of figures (featuring a Renegades onslaught of Duke, Snake Eyes, Firefly, and Cobra Commander) have appeared on eBay already, with an online retailer out of California.

Kokomo Toys reported that they would have their stock this week, as did Corey from SmallJoes.com.  And as of this writing, I just received email from BigBadToyStore that my order is processing!  So after several months earlier this year with little to no product, all of a sudden, we’re being flooded again.  It’s all good with me, though, the quicker we get this stuff, the quicker we will see future 30th Anniversary items!