Highlights and way too in-depth recap from the latest G.I. Joe Q & A

Well, you know, since Hasbro didn’t bother answering two of my questions, I gotta get some mileage out of this round somehow.  And if you know where to look, there was actually a lot of great information to be had this time around.

This is a pretty thorough, in depth recap, so I’ll continue on after the jump:

From Toy News International:

TNI: It was recently announced the new Data Viper figure which was shown at Joecon this year has been canceled. Is it possible we might see this figure released through means other than mass-retail such as the new figure subscription service coming to the Collector Club, or is the figure totally off the table?

Hasbro: As of right now the figure is off the table.”

Why is this really news?  Well, during SDCC there was quite a bit of conflicting information about the future of the Data-Viper, and Hasbro representatives at the show seemed to indicate there was a place for the figure somewhere down the line.  Apparently that is not the case, and don’t expect him in the GIJCC Subscription service either.

From AllSpark.com:

Q: Ever since the movie line, there has seemed to be a major disconnect between the team designing the GI Joe vehicles and the team creating the stickers for them. Again and again, we’re seeing decals that don’t fit in the spaces where we’re told to put them, that are supposed to impossibly lie flat over protruding plastic details, and that are shown in totally different locations between the instructions and the pictures on the boxes. As annoying as this may be for collectors, it must be even more frustrating for kids who are looking for simple directions for completing their toys. How does this keep happening and are any steps being taken to put an end to the phenomenon?

A: Thanks for your comment on this. Actually, designing the labels is a fairly tricky part of the toy design process. As we look forward to the movie line, we are changing the way we are doing labels, reducing them in number/quantity, and thinking about ways of making them “kid friendly” in application.”

Is this news?  Probably not, in all honesty.  But as someone who absolutely dreads putting the stickers on the vehicles, I’m looking forward to this new concept.  Not only that, but this is at least early confirmation that there are vehicles coming in the G.I. Joe 2 movie toyline.  Not really a surprise, but still cool to see it officially.

From HissTank.com:

Q. In a recent Q & A it was stated that there would be more information given on the upcoming 7 packs. Most fans were expecting to hear about these at SDCC, but nothing was mentioned. Are the 7 packs still in the works or scrapped?

A. The 7-packs are still in the works and are worth the wait! We will be releasing more information soon so stay tuned!”

There’s the money shot, folks!  Hasbro has mentioned the 7-packs sporadically throughout various Q & A’s over the past year, but we hadn’t heard much else about them.  Well, they are still on the table!  Very cool to see this, and not only this, but according to Kastor’s Korner Hasbro’s Joe team says “The 7-packs will be based more on the classic G.I. JOE. Stay tuned for more info!”

One last bit of intel from Raving Toy Maniac actually gives us a timeline for the 7-Pack release!  Hasbro tells them “There are new 7-packs in the works. Their release timing is later in the year so we will be announcing more information soon.”  So, here’s what we know:

  • Two more 7-Packs coming
  • Release date is later this year
  • Details will be revealed soon
  • Based on the Classic G.I. Joe

Hsabro also mentioned earlier on that the 7-Packs would “complete a collection” so we have that to keep in mind as well.  Excellent.  I’ll be on the lookout for any details I can bring to the table.

From Parry’s Game Preserve:

Q: It was confirmed several years ago that most of the RAH molds have been destroyed, however, it was NOT confirmed that the new Sculpt molds (SpyTroops, Valor vs Venom, GI Joe vs Cobra) were among them. Although figures may be out of the question at this time, are the VEHICLES that Joe fans liked (Night Ops Humvee, Night attack chopper, Rolling Operations Command Center to name a few) an option to be re-released, seeing the success of the ROC Rhino?

 A: It’s true, a great many of the vehicles released within the range of the VVV, Spy Troops, and 25th anniversary line are still available for use. However, there are no plans to release the vehicles you have mentioned at this time. “

Interesting!  Cool to hear that much of that vehicle tooling from the more modern releases are still up for grabs, including some potentially cool stuff from the new sculpt era.  Granted, there were a lot of forgettible vehicles in the early 2000’s, but as the line went on, we got some cool stuff, and items like the Night Attack Chopper, Patriot Grizzly, or any of the DTC items would fit right in with more modern Joe stuff.  Cool intel.

And this covers a lot of the “big news” for the Q & A this time around.  Some refreshing insight!  We also got an idea that leading up to the movie will be a very interesting retail adventure.  Hasbro tells JoeCustoms that they try to clear shelves at retail “about a month before a movie event” while over at JoeCanuck the Joe team admits that “…The movement of the movie timing has just put a bit of a crunch on our development schedule.”

Yes, it will certainly be a wild ride over the next year.  I find myself really looking forward to Toy Fair, 2012, we could see a bunch of very cool movie sequel items and get a good idea of how the final 30th Anniversary assortments will shake out.

Of course, for the full skinny, just check out my monstrous Q & A Recap Page which has links to every individual Q & A if you want to check them all out.  Thanks as always to Hasbro and the Joe team for answering all of our questions!

Even if they didn’t answer two of mine…  :shifty:

8 thoughts on “Highlights and way too in-depth recap from the latest G.I. Joe Q & A

  1. … and stores stop stocking 2 months or more before that to make sure shelves are clear; just ask a Transformer fan. Don’t expect to see Kwinn or any of those later wave figures until Holiday 2012

  2. Very convenient to have all the highlights in one place for easy ready. Thanks, as always, for the effort, Justin!

  3. “complete a collection”……..2 seven packs containing classic joes done in 25th styling. after that we’ll see all new designs. thats what im thinking. closing the book on 25th.

  4. I just hope the stickering isn’t juniorized down even more than it already is. Personally that is the best part of the vehicle experience for me as it extends the ‘construction’ phase. Can you tell I’m a Lego guy?

  5. Two 7-packs, containing classic characters, that will complete a collection…………I’m thinking: Cover Girl, Thunder, Frostbite, Keel-Haul, Toll Booth, Iceberg and Cross Country for the Joes and Zandar, Thrasher, Zanzibar, Road Pig, Gnawgahyde, Golobulus and Royal Guard for the Cobras. This essentially will complete the Dreadnok crew, Cobra La team, and all characters from 82 to 86. Here’s hoping………..

  6. I’m going to put my 2 cents in on the 7-packs. Joes will be Tiger Force and the Cobra set will be Dreadnoks. Those are the only two “collections” I can see that need to be filled out. And they have all the tooling to make them happen. Road Pig is just a Night Adder repaint and new head and accessories. Thrasher can be bashed together from existing ‘nok parts and a new head. Same with Zandar, Zanzibar and Gnawgahyde. And if they are smart they’ll throw in a slight redeco of Zarana to appease the masses.

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