G.I. Joe Collector’s Club 2012 Incentive figure is… FOOTLOOSE!

Hell.  Yes.

I know many fans were expecting to hear Footloose’s name with the announcement of the subscription figures, but while we’ve all eagerly waited for the official announcement, we’ve heard Footloose’s name a bit earlier than suspected.

No, he will not be one of the subscription figures, but he WILL be the 2012 Collectors Club incentive figure.  And he looks freaking GREAT.  Obviously using Claymore’s newly tooled head and helmet, with an awesome M4 Carbine, the familiar rocket launcher, and looking like he stepped out of 1985.

Fantastic.  He’ll look awesome fighting alongside Dusty in anyone’s Sunbow display.  Check out the mirrored image below, and of course hit up GIJoeClub.com for details on how to become a member by the deadline in 2012.  I’m sure there will be fans lining up to do so.

14 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collector’s Club 2012 Incentive figure is… FOOTLOOSE!

  1. Yes! I really, REALLY like what’s going on here, and this guy totally redeems me not getting Claymore. Those arms, BTW, look great, as if they will function in holding the weapons he comes with. Great choice, and totally getting my re-up dollars.

  2. Personally, I don’t like the look of this Claymore head for Footloose. Now, I know it’s in line with the 80s figures, but the sculpt is too much of a modern Tom Sellick for Footloose. It works as Claymore, the grizzled disavowed black ops agent… but Footloose, the space case beach bum? Looks a bit too old.

  3. Amazing!!! 1985 is getting closer to being complete!! Collectors Club just got me to renew. Now let’s make the subscription line worth while.

  4. I’m glad this guy is the member figure as it makes it easier to get. I was kinda hoping he came with the modular rifle the DTC version came with but ah well.

  5. Definitely awesome. Didn’t like their attempt at Dialtone, but this will get me to join for sure.

  6. I like this figure, much closer tribute to his original than Dial-Tone (membership) was. However, I think the head is not a good fit, but I have the TRU ROC 5pack figure set with FemDialtone, Law&Order, HeavyDuty, etc, so I’m hoping I can swap that Footloose head over this one.

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