Episode Twenty-Three posted of What’s on Joe Mind

We knew when we invited Kevin Watts to be on the show, things would get interesting, and we weren’t disappointed.  We had a great conversation about Kevin’s work with the G.I. Joe Collectors Club, the G.I. Joe Convention, the New Jersey Collectors Convention, and many other stories.  We also talk about Mike Thompson’s fantastic blog with the G.I. Joe and Cobra packaging art.

He joins us as we talk about the 90’s (in more ways than one…  :shifty: ) and spends a healthy amount of time berating Chuck.

All in all, it was a fun night!

As always, hit up our Podbean page to check out the newest episode, or you can always use the embedded player as well.

CBR reveals exclusive preview from IDW’s G.I. Joe #6

Season Two of IDW’s G.I. Joe title is going strong as the Cobra Civil War unleashes chaos among the Joe team.  Keeping the suspense strong, CBR posts an ominous exclusive preview with a somewhat concerning cover.

Obviously taking homage from the famous cover from Crisis on Infinite Earths, only time will tell if it bears an impact on the story within.  There are also several internal pages to read as well, which continue the frenetic action from the G.I. Joe series.

Check out a mirrored image from one of the covers below, and hit up CBR.com for the full preview.

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Sideshow Collectibles debuts insanely cool looking 12″ Crimson Guard!

Woah!  Rocking some pleather action, the Cobra Elite Trooper, Crimson Guard makes his Sideshow Collectibles 12″ figure debut, and from the quick peek it looks very cool!  With an awesome leathery uniform texture, he instantly stands out from the other Cobra Troopers and automatically generates an “elite” feel.

Excellent.  Check out the mirrored image below, and hit up Sideshow Collectibles to check it out as well.

An Exclusive product reveal will appear in the Production Blog on October 4th, with pre-orders beginning on October 6th.  Something tells me this guy will be a hot commodity.  Don’t hesitate on this one.

Crimson Guard 12-inch Figure

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Excellent addition to Mike Thompson’s art blog portfolio – Alley-Viper!

Yesterday, with thanks to GeekIJoe and Greg from What’s on Joe Mind, I posted a link to Mike Thompson’s WordPress blog, which showcased a lot of his great painted artwork for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra toys…and today he celebrates the added interest by posting another fantastic piece!

This time around, we get a great look at the process behind the Alley-Viper, packaged with the Cobra Fury.  Initially slated to be released within the confines of The Rise of Cobra, it ended up emerging with the Pursuit of Cobra line, and the Alley-Viper was an awesome addition.

Yet another terrific piece of work, which you can check out right here!  Great stuff.

Ray Stevenson talks (briefly) about his role in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

For whatever reason, G.I. Joe: Retaliation news has been missing in action over the past several weeks, so at this point we’ll chomp on any little bite we can get.  The Coventry Telegraph spoke with Ray Stevenson, who plays Firefly in the G.I. Joe sequel, and he spoke a little bit about filming in New Orleans.

While much of the interview focuses on Thor and Stevenson’s most recent release Kill the Irishman, he does speak a bit about the transition from Thor to G.I. Joe: Retaliation:

We did the last scene in the movie, which we finished at 2am one Saturday morning, and at 12.30 that afternoon I took a flight down to New Orleans to start on GI Joe 2. Literally out of the frying pan into the fire. I get to beat up The Rock twice, or I try to, and I get to play this cool, gnarly pyrotechnic guy.”

So, apparently we’re at least getting a couple of Roadblock vs. Firefly battles, and Firefly pulls a bit from his Renegades persona as a pyrotechnic specialist.  A bit of insight, anyway.

Check out the Coventry Telegraph for the full interview.

G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra Crimson HISS in stock and on the way!

Well, apparently Waves 1, 2, and the first wave of Bravo vehicles isn’t quite enough G.I. Joe stuff to hit retail all at once.  I just got notification from Big Bad Toy Store that my pre-order for the Pursuit of Cobra Crimson HISS is now processing.  Not only that, but it’s showing on Big Bad Toy Store as in stock.

While the HISS has already gotten two releases over the past 12 months (in the standard black and early release brown versions), this Crimson color is a pretty nice looking shade, and I absolutely love the “Crimson Horseman” HISS driver.

Check it out at BBTS right here, and expect a review when I get it in my grubby hands.

AWESOME Rise of Cobra era packaging art revealed in greater detail

While it takes only a few minutes for your average Joe fan to wander into Wal-Mart and scoop up a G.I. Joe figure, many of us forget the amount of preparation, planning, and work that goes into designing and producing every single figure.  Yes, even Arctic Destro.

From inputs to package art, pen and paper artists are just as important to the design process as the sculptors and figure painters.  One of those artists has seen fit to reveal some of his work on G.I. Joe packaging from the past few years, and we’re all glad he did.  His name is Mike Thompson, and you can find his WordPress blog right here.

He’s already posted four separate introspectives about package design, including the Star-Viper, the Sand-Viper, Night Force Outback, and Arctic Threat Storm Shadow.

Love the detail in this art, and a huge thanks to Mr. Thompson for sharing it.  If you want to keep up to date on any more of his postings, follow him on Twitter.  Also a big thanks to GeekIJoe on Twitter and Greg from What’s on Joe Mind for directing us to this awesome site.

I’ve mirrored one image of Outback below, but lots of great other pictures and details at the site itself.  Check it out.

Add Larry Houston to my list of personal heroes

If you’ve been watching cartoons for any length of time, chances are the name Larry Houston at least looks familiar.  He’s had his hands in several epic animated series throughout the past three decades including X-Men, COPS n Crooks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman: The Animated Series, Exosquad… yeah, the list is huge.

So what makes him such a hero all of a sudden?

Just this:


Yes, according to a panel at this past weekend’s PowerCon, Larry Houston was the storyboard artist who designed the entire opening sequence to G.I. Joe: The Movie.  Widely regarded as perhaps the greatest three minutes in G.I. Joe animated history, Mr. Houston was apparently surprised and very pleased that the final animated version came back so close to his storyboard.

I think it’s safe to assume all G.I. Joe fans are just as pleased.  A big thanks to the Twitter account of Joe A Day for relaying this cool bit of information.