GeneralsJoes Reviews SDCC Starstriker and Zarana Cold Slither variant

It’s a San Diego ComicCon wrap up!  I reviewed the standard release Zarana a couple of weeks ago, but had to wait a little while before I could the reviews wrapped up on these other two items.  As always, a big thanks goes out to longtime GeneralsJoes friend Gyre Viper for doing me yet another favor and getting me a line on the Cold Slither Zarana while old pal Mysterious Stranger is always there with the hook up for the SDCC Starstriker.

You can check out the review in the 30th Anniversary Section, or just hit the links directly below:

7 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews SDCC Starstriker and Zarana Cold Slither variant

  1. Thanks for the reviews! Nice to see what could have been on the ‘ol shelf. Would have LOVED that Starscream and Commander.

  2. Nice review on the Zarana. Loved the reference to the whole “cold slyther” episode. That may have been one of the more light hearted stories Sunbow produced but I still thin DIC went over the top when they were writing stories of Gijoe. I mean that whole series was way too soft when it came to world domination plots. I believe one was trying to turn the worlds oil supply into shaving cream and I know one plot had Gijoe playing cobra in a football game to rescue Sgt.Slaughter. That episode always makes me cringe when I think about it.

  3. Dude you can see your hands in the reflection off the back of Cobra Commanders head. Nice.

  4. I love the Great Woods reference — particularly since the venue hasn’t been called that since corporate sponsorship started in 1999. It’s a nice touch from the folks living nearby in Pawtucket.

    — Comm. Decker

  5. Whaddaya mean you had to wait a while to get these? I sent you Starscream in the same box as pink Zarana.

  6. What the hell? Ahhh…. oops. Yeah, I wrote this up as just for the Cold Slither Zarana, but got Starscream done just in time to put him in the same post, and just changed some tenses. My bad.

    I still love you long time.

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