GeneralsJoes Reviews SDCC Starstriker and Zarana Cold Slither variant

It’s a San Diego ComicCon wrap up!  I reviewed the standard release Zarana a couple of weeks ago, but had to wait a little while before I could the reviews wrapped up on these other two items.  As always, a big thanks goes out to longtime GeneralsJoes friend Gyre Viper for doing me yet another favor and getting me a line on the Cold Slither Zarana while old pal Mysterious Stranger is always there with the hook up for the SDCC Starstriker.

You can check out the review in the 30th Anniversary Section, or just hit the links directly below:

Wal-Mart “Street Date” for 30th Anniversary toys?

Across the country, Joe fans have been finding 30th Anniversary figures and vehicles littering the aisles of their local Wal-Marts (and recently, Toys “R” Us), but folks have been having issues getting the figures rung up at the register.

Well, turns out there could be a reason for it.  According to GeneralsJoes Twitter buddy “Twitziller“, a Wal-Mart manager has named September 20th as a “street date” for the new G.I. Joe releases.  What that really means remains to be seen…whether that means a great influx of toys will appear in all Wal-Marts, or if they will just show up in the computer system.  Whatever the end result, the fact that Wal-Mart has an established time for the 30th Anniversary is a good thing.