G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Membership Drive starts September 1st!

This news just came in from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club!  They are announcing a big Membership Drive this fall, starting September 1st!  Expect new product in the store, sale prices on many items, and a promised reveal of the 2012 25th Anniversary style incentive figure!

As of right now, the Collectors’ Club has 30th Anniversary Wave 1 figures in stock and ready to sell!

Also, the big “End of Summer Sale” begins now as well.  Check below for the items now available at reduced prices at the G.I. Joe Club Shop.

We will be having and end of summer sale from now until September 21!  Each week we will change out the sale items and many of these quantities are very limited so don’t wait.  If you see it on sale this week, when when change the sale next week,
they will go back to the regular price if there are any left. Go to GIJoeClub.com/shop.

But first:
New Joe In-Stock Items-(Officer Level Pricing)

12 inch Ultimate Paratrooper (1 pc) $24.99+shipping

3 3/4 SinglesWv1 2012(SBrigade35816,CEnemy35811,Viper35814,IGren35815,SgtStalk34330,

And the Sale items this week:

Joe Items-(Officer Level Pricing)

End of Summer Sale-2008 JoeCon 3 3/4 Cobra Headhunters Convention Set$200+shipping

End of Summer Sale-2004 3.75 Heavy Water Membership Figure (1pc)$5+shipping

End of Summer Sale-3 3/4 DTC Club Exclu(Airtight/COfficer, LFalcon/Munitia/Python,Outback/NViper)7pcs$34.99+shipping

End of Summer Sale-DTC Comic Issue No. 1-Ambush In The Savage Swamp- 1 ea$2.99+shipping

End of Summer Sale-DTC Comic Issue No. 2-$2.99+shipping

End of Summer Sale-3 3/4 Movie Vehicle Alpha Wv 2 Mole Pod w/Terra-Viper (1 pc)$8+shipping

End of Summer Sale-3 3/4 Movie Vehicle Wv 1 09 (Cobra Gunship) 1 pc$12+shipping

End of Summer Sale-3 3/4 Movie Vehicle Wv 1.5 09 (Ice Dagger) 1 pc$12+shipping

End of Summer Sale-2009 Club Exclusive Lost Talker Marine and Lost Talker Soldier set (2pcs)$75+shipping

End of Summer Sale-2008 JoeCon 12 inch Search for the Sasquatch Convention Set$200+shipping

End of Summer Sale-2000 Flying Tiger Convention Set (1pc)$60+shipping

End of Summer Sale-GI Joe Club Exclusive Magnum Power 12 inch AT Uniform Access Set (No FigureIncluded)$25+shipping

An end of summer sale, 30th Anniversary figures, the 2012 incentive figure reveal, AND news about the upcoming G.I. Joe Subscription service?  Going to be a hell of a fall!  Can’t wait.

First image of Channing Tatum from the set of G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Dwayne Johnson has been so active on Twitter with his frequent updates about Roadblock and G.I. Joe: Retaliation in general, that his co-star Channing Tatum has been somewhat overlooked.  Not much buzz has been out there about his activity with the film.

Well, we now have at least a piece of the Duke puzzle.  On Location Vacations, a site that specializes in identifying places around the country where movie shoots are happening has an update featuring an image of Channing Tatum, apparently all geared up in some of his G.I. Joe type camouflage.  Military enthusiasts will be glad to know that he’s sporting some official gear in the form of the Tru-Spec Tactical Response Combat shirt.

Thanks to the folks over at HissTank.com for digging this up and getting it out there!

JoeCustoms Halloween contest kicks off

To celebrate the upcoming Halloween season, JoeCustoms.com is launching an exclusive costume contest!  Between now and October 23rd, you can submit images to JoeCustoms.com of yourself dressed up as your favorite G.I. Joe or Cobra character. This comes straight from the horse’s mouth:

“We were able to secure a SDCC regular Zarana figure through a shady backdoor channel *cough*JoeArmory.com*cough*. Since Zarana is a master of disguise, we thought what better way for one of you lucky Joe fans to get her than to show off your own mastery of disguise, or in this case costume making skills.

What can be submitted?

This contest is open to anybody who reads this. You do not need to be a member of the JoeCustoms.com forum to enter, although you will need to be a member in order to vote on the forum (See Judging below). The costume can be of any established character in the GI Joe universe including the comics, movies, and cartoon. As long as you can show a picture of it from recognized GI Joe media or toys, then it is acceptable. Only one entry per person please. Any additional entries submitted by the same person will not be accepted. We try to maintain a PG-13 atmosphere for the site so any nudity or conduct that violates local or Federal laws will not be accepted.

Please include in your submission email to projects@joecustoms.com the following:

* JoeCustoms.com Halloween Costume Contest in the Subject line of the email.

* Attach up to 3 pictures of your custome including one 1 “action” shot – see JUDGING below. The pictures will be auto-resized so don’t worry about dimensions.

*Your screen name if you have one, your real name, and the name, specialty, and affiliation of your character should be written in the body of your email.


We like to have the work judged on its own merits, so please NO CHEERLEADING. If we discover you promoting your costume anywhere in order to garner more votes, you will be disqualified. These will remain anonymous (as much is possible), even to the judges, until the winners have been chosen.


There will be two rounds of judging. The first round will be by poll voting on the JoeCustoms.com forum, open to any member of the board. Each member will vote for their favorite. The poll results will be visible as soon as you vote. The top 3 costumes will then move on to the second round. The second round of judging will be done by an esteemed panel of judges consisting of multiple GIJCC Convention Costume Contest winner Kuukuuson, GI Joe super fan and the man with his finger on the pulse, General Hawk, and the man who made this contest possible JoeArmory’s ZombieGuide. If for some reason there is a tie, I will serve as the final vote tie breaker.

Customs will be judged on the following categories:

Style – 40%
Originality of the concept – 20%
Quality of the fabrication – 20%
Overall aesthetic value -20%

You will notice that Style is weighted heavier than the other categories. We want you to wow us. Use your “action” shot to make us laugh out loud or show us how awesome the costume is. Whether it is a character out on the town or deep in the heat of battle, we want to see something beyond the standard at ease pose.

Entries need to be submitted to projects@joecustoms.com by Sunday, October 23 at 11:59pm. Voting on the Joecustoms forum will take place between Monday, October 24 and Thursday, 27 at 8:00am EST. The Judges will then decide the winner which will be announced on October 31st, Halloween day.

Legal jargon

All submissions will be hosted on JoeCustoms.com for as long as we see fit and may be used on marketing material for the site with due credit given. Submissions will be denied if they contain objectionable or offensive content, including nudity or illegal activities, that goes beyond our PG-13 rating we try to maintain for the site. If any issue arises that is not heretofore already outlined in the above rules I, pluv, as acting administrator, will have the final say about what action will be taken. Please email contact@joecustoms.com any questions or concerns before submitting an entry.”


What’s on Joe Mind Episode 18 is online

Look out, What’s on Joe Mind is officially legal!

It seemed like just yesterday I was begging and pleading for the guys to let me be included on the podcast, and here we are, 16 weeks later, still going strong.  We act our age this week, speaking maturely and intelligently to some of the awesome customizing gurus of our hobby, Richard from Ratfink Customs and John “P-Luv” the current admin of JoeCustoms.com.  We also talk about the very exciting “SlayerCon” which is kicking off this weekend in Maryland!  Check here for more details on that.

We also talk about the latest news and intel, and Chuck gets all sensitive new age man.  Check it out on our Podbean Page, or hit up the embedded player below.