Kokomo Toys is your one stop shop for Joe items of all eras

So, I think by now folks who have been reading my page have most likely heard me talk about Kokomo Toys before.  As the main sponsor of the Coil Con from a few weeks back, they have quite the following throughout the midwest, and have probably one of the most impressive store displays that I have ever seen.

Well, I’m sure many folks lament the fact that they don’t live in or about Kokomo, Indiana, but rejoice!  The folks behind Kokomo Toys also have an eBay store, and they’ve agreed to come on as a GeneralsJoes sponsor, so let’s throw some love their way.

You can check out the eBay store right here, and it is LOADED.  Over 3,000 items are in stock, including a massive assortment of G.I. Joe vehicle parts, G.I. Joe accessories, and lots of other great toys you probably can’t find around the corner.  Not only do they have vintage parts, but they also have brand-spanking new toys, too, including Thundercats, Pursuit of Cobra, and even some 30th Anniversary stuff.  Again, check out the store here, and tell ’em GeneralsJoes sent ya!