G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club reveals a more final look at the Nano-BAT

While most of the images we’ve seen of Quarrel have been pretty consistent with expectations, early samples of the Nano-BAT lacked some of the more interesting details of the figure. ¬†Well, the GIJCC fixes that tonight, with an image of a much more final version of the figure featuring some great transparent plastic arms and head.

According to reports at JoeCon, the figure also may feature light-piping in his head to give the figure a cool green glow.  Time will tell if that comes to pass.

Check out the image below, and keep your eyes on GIJoeClub.com for the latest details on the subscription!

EDIT – On their Facebook Page, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club clarified as well, that the Nano B.A.T. will come with the undamaged head and a chestplate as well.