Ten minutes of animated nirvana with 80’s Joe comic commercials

This is SO COOL.

Of course the quality isn’t the best, but I can’t possibly give enough props to YouTube uploader BUDAONLINE1 as well as Comic Alliance for reminding me that this fantastic video compilation is out there.

Some folks may not realize it, but in the G.I. Joe world, animation was first used to advertise the comic, and in many cases was quite different than the Sunbow end result.  The below YouTube video collects nearly every single animated comic commercial and merges them into one ten minute marathon of nostalgic joy.

There are a few issues the uploader missed, but he has them in separate installments in his library, so check ’em out, and check out the embedded video below.  I’m still smiling.


13 thoughts on “Ten minutes of animated nirvana with 80’s Joe comic commercials

  1. These are fantastic. The animation was also then used for the Hasbro toy line. Watch it again and you can see all the new vehicles and figs that came out together in the new waves!

  2. Good stuff…ah memories. Boy, a lot of words rhyme with “Joe”…but the best was “Cobra’s got a Pogo, and there hoppin’ mad!”

  3. I love the way these ads epically skirt the old no-cartoons-in-toy-advertising law. It’s obviously about the comic and not THE AWESOME TOYS WE JUST SHOWED IN CARTOON FORM BLOWING STUFF UP WITH THEIR AWESOME PLAY FEATURES.

  4. I loved seeing the Sunbow voices slowly get more integrated, and the way certain commercials lined up perfectly with the comic’s plot and others had nothing to do with them.

  5. i’m always facinated as well as amused at how they can just create a song for whichever character/vehicle, well basically EVERYTHING and eventually will leads to the familiar “GI joe, a real american hero”….

  6. I am literally gasping for air here……this is too funny. “Destro’s got a plan, he’s a mean old man….”….rflmao!

  7. These are fantastic. Towards the end they really become seizure-inducing with so many lasers and camera angle changes.

  8. I remember how cheated I felt with the commerical for issue 80. “Will Cobra Island be Cobras Last Stand?” then the issue didn’t even take place on Cobra Island. I ran out to buy the comic based on this commercial.

  9. Crazy! I watched the cartoon and I remember the toy commercials but I don’t remember seeing any of these before.

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