G.I. Joe: Retaliation adds Walton Goggins to its roster

Yeah, my first reaction was “who”?    Then I felt ashamed.

Walt Goggins has made his living recently as Boyd Crowder on FX’s “Justified” television series, but if you’re like me, you know him as none other than Shane Vendrell from “The Shield”.  According to Showblitz.com, Goggins will come on board as Warden Nigel James for the G.I. Joe sequel.  The fact that they are casting a relatively well known television actor for the role of a warden tells me that a prison will serve as a backdrop for much of this film, making it more likely that we’ll see Cobra Commander and/or Destro, even though no casting reports have come through as of yet.  Considering filming has started today, hopefully that should be changing.

With already quite the ensemble cast, I really love what they are doing, bringing in some names that don’t carry huge pedigrees, but are chock full of quality.  Goggins was recently nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal of Crowder in the aforementioned Justified.

Thanks to Brian Truitt’s Twitter action for the intel.

  • LittleE

    A warden??? Could this lead to a prison break??? Maybe some Law & Order action??? Interesting character…hope he is more than just a cameo…he is a good actor.

  • FMonk

    ‘Walton Goggins’ sounds suspiciously like a Hama filecard name.