Rhett Reese confirms leaked character and plot details are “far, far, far off”

As I suspected yesterday, don’t put any credence into io9’s report yesterday about potential characters or plot details for G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Once again, Twitter saves the day, as Rhett Reese posted early this morning:

“The new article circulating about GI Joe plot/characters is far, far, far off.”

Hopefully that will help smother some fan rage.  Listen, the movie is on its way, there will be plenty of stuff for folks to find to complain about, let’s reserve some of that energy for stuff that is actually in the film.  Thanks to Rhett Reese on Twitter for the update.

4 thoughts on “Rhett Reese confirms leaked character and plot details are “far, far, far off”

  1. That is good to hear. Though I’d feel better if he said the info was 100% false. Considering there wasn’t one part of it I liked. :)

  2. Yeah. I decided not to post that story on Cobra Island’s front page because it was too absurd to belive.

    They’ve been using the code names all along for the casting calls we’ve heard about so there’s no way they’re going to use proper names because the writers/production staff obviously know how G.I. Joe nomenclature works or we would have seen propper names in the casting calls.

    Also the way they described the plot it sounded as if it were all over the place. For what it’s worth it sounded a lot like they wanted some publicity so they made something up. That may not be the case, but this situation backfired.

  3. I applaud your self restraint. I strongly considered a similar stance, but I figured I’d rather get it out there and denounce it, for whatever my opinion is worth.

  4. Thanks. I’d say you gave it the propper treatment by posting it, but expressing that fans shouldn’t take it for gospel.

    I probably would’ve mocked it mercilessly if I’d posted it (my news post about initial reports of Mouse being a draw for girls was rather scathing and included an “I’m a G.I. Joe Girl” .jpg), comparing it to the kind of stories I made up as a kid when I wanted to sound like I knew about something that I didn’t know about.

    It’s funny because I am keeping an open mind about the movie (I poopooed the first transformers movie before it came out, and I really enjoyed it. I haven’t doubted since), but you wouldn’t know it. Some of the early decisions (ie Jon Chu’s background, axing half the cast etc) left the impression of being either really hairbrained or so brilliant that I just wasn’t seeing the big picture. Though the more news I see, the more it’s looking like it could be a good movie. Still I can’t let silly stuff like this get by without a shot, right? ;-)

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