The Fwooshcast launches a 3-Part special on “Sigma 6”

A short while ago I had the pleasure of spending an evening recording a massive podcast with my buddy Craig, who is one of the brains behind the “Fwooshcast”, a podcast focused on toys and pop culture hosted over at The Fwoosh.

Craig wanted to spend some time talking about Sigma 6, and since he and I share some real love for that particular toyline, he asked me to talk with him about it, and I couldn’t possibly pass up a chance to talk about Sigma 6.

Little would I know the talk would go on for nearly four hours!

Craig has elected to break it up into a few separate installments, and the first installment is posted right here.  Craig has also spent some time on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast with the rest of us, so he’s got a good G.I. Joe pedigree, and I think the episode is definitely worth a listen.  A pretty in depth look at Sigma 6.

Check it out at the link above, and enjoy!

GeneralsJoes Reviews the Pursuit of Cobra HISS Scout

Previously unreleased, the latest wave of Alpha vehicles has hit Canadian Winners stores, and thankfully, friend of the site Paul wasted no time in asking if I wanted a hook up!  I’d already reviewed the Ashiko with Cycle Armor, but now I can add the HISS Scout to the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page.  Click the link below to check out the review directly.