Great Thundercats sale at Entertainment Earth!

If any other 80’s fans are like me, they’ve suddenly been infected with Thundercats fever since the debut of the awesome new cartoon on Friday night.

Well, Entertainment Earth is looking to satisfy that urge with an awesome sale of Buy 1, Get 1 30% off!  They have pre-orders for classic stuff, new stuff, and all sorts of other very cool Thundercats merchandise.

Click the bad ass banner below to grab yourself some awesome new toys.  Thundercats are loose!

Entertainment Earth

One of the brains behind SK Omega speaks! What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition

No matter what your reaction, the name SK Omega generates some immediate feedback.  Initially debuted at JoeCon in 2010, this up and coming independent toyline is marketing itself to G.I. Joe fans!  Yes, there has been a period of silence to the point where some fans aren’t even sure the line will ever be released.

Well, Molten Monkey International has broken that silence.  Chris, a representative of MMI came on the What’s on Joe Mind Podcast in their only public appearance and gives us the low down of everything SK Omega.  What stage is the line in now?  Where will it be sold?  What’s in the first assortment?

Everything you want to know, we talk about.  For folks who need a refresher on the whole SK Omega line, check out my JoeCon Report, and then hit up the Whats on Joe Mind SK Omega Special Edition episode to hear straight from the horse’s mouth.  You can also, as always, go to Podbean, listen to the embedded media player below.

And for folks who are Jonesing for a more “regular” What’s on Joe Mind episode, fear not!  This was a special edition… Episode 15 will also be hitting this week.  Two for the price of one!

Skystrikers are touching down at online retailers

For folks who don’t have Targets locally, good news!  The super popular G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Skystriker has started hitting online retailers!  Click the links below to buy yours today, and don’t forget to check out my review to see if you want to drop the cake.