New trailer sets the standard for a G.I. Joe fan film

There have been a smattering of G.I. Joe fan films during my time online, but I have to say Mark Cheng’s work on G.I. Joe: Operation: Red Retrieval is setting a new standard.  Granted, I’ve seen previous trailers for this feature, and was always mildly interested, but this particular trailer really cranks the action up a notch.

We’ll see how the final project fares, but for now, this is some very cool stuff.  Find out more about Operation: Red Retrieval at and check out the embedded video below.

You can also follow the director on Twitter to keep apprised of his progress.


This is looking excellent.  Can’t wait to see more.

GeneralsJoes Reviews the G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Skystriker!

Many collectors have been patiently waiting…  I got lucky with a random Target a little over a week ago, and have slowly (but surely) been gathering my thoughts and well over 100 images.

For the first time in 28 years, the Skystriker is on retail shelves across the country.  While this obviously pleases a great many Joe fans, is the end result worth the wait?  Check out the GeneralsJoes 30th Anniversary and G.I. Joe: Renegades review page (which also includes the pre-production Black Dragon) or just hit up the link below.