G.I. Joe fans rejoice – Tomax and Xamot will not be 6 year old little girls

Kind of a shame it came to this, but I’m glad that not only is Rhett Reese on Twitter, but he takes some time to ease some crazed Joe fans minds about casting news that emerged over the past 24 hours.

Over on HissTank.com it was reported that a casting call had gone out for “African-American twin girls, aged 6 – 9.”

So, of course, G.I. Joe fans as reasonable as we are immediately assumed that Tomax and Xamot would be played by 8 year old little girls and the internet exploded.

Well, thanks to the aforementioned Rhett Reese, those deep-rooted and well-thought out concerns can now be put to rest:

“Xamot and Tomax aren’t in the movie.”

Good news?  Tomax and Xamot won’t be corporate movers and shakers who control one of the largest corporations in the world as 6 year old girls.  The bad news, no Tomax and Xamot whatsoever.

Better than the alternative.  Thanks again to Rhett Reese for setting the record straight.

EDIT – Hmmm…  Mr. Reese has since deleted or removed his Tweet.  I saved a screenshot of it and posted it below, but invariably the fact that he deleted the Tweet will be interpreted as confirmation that the Twins ARE in the movie, and they WILL be 6 year old girls.  Ah, well.