More SDCC Tidbits and the truth about HTS availability?

As I was getting ready to travel back North yesterday, I received a few messages from the guys at Fighting 118th, who have posted some more information related to SDCC.  The first bit of intel comes from their Hasbro Booth Update and includes some contradictory information from what was being passed around earlier.  Contrary to earlier reports that the Data-Viper might make a later assortment, according to Hasbro reps at SDCC, he is definitely “cancelled, no ifs, ands, or buts”.

Also going against previous reports, apparently the Spring, 2012 date on the placard may in fact be the truth.  At least according to Fighting 118th.

One of the issues you run into with so many reps at the Con is that you sometimes get some contradictory information.  Guess we’ll have to hold tight to find out which one was right.

Last, but not least, they also passed along a report about Hasbro Toy Shop, the timeline for getting things posted, and how “rare” these SDCC exclusives truly are.  You can read that enlightening report right here as you prepare for your morning post-SDCC ritual of F5’s while you wait for Zarana and Starscream at HasbroToyShop.

Thanks again to Paul from Fighting 118th for the heads up.

4 thoughts on “More SDCC Tidbits and the truth about HTS availability?

  1. I was rather surprised they didn’t have the exclusives up today, I think it’s been Monday almost every year until now. No big deal though.

    Also, California laws are crazy.

  2. Takes a long time. I timed out and had to resubmit payment info more than once.

  3. I’m not sure why there was so much contradictory information out there this year. Data-viper, Kwinn, the Spring 2012 placards… its almost like we were talking to different people. But I know there were only 3 guys working the Joe side of the booth, at least that I saw.

  4. Well at least the Date panned out, the time was a little off.. was closer to 9am PST.. we’ll see how the dates do, as well as the fate of Data-Viper!

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