Tons of G.I. Joe: Renegades Screenshots Added to Episode Guide

So, I’m down here in Massachusetts on vacation with the family, so without The Hub to watch while the family sleeps, I’ve decided to spend some time getting caught up on the Screen Caps for the G.I. Joe: Renegades Episodes.

So hit up the Episode Guide, I’ve now got Screenshots posted for every episode up through Episode 23: Cousins.

Rest assured, though, once I’m back in town tomorrow, I’ll watch Episode 26 and get the review posted ASAP!  I can’t wait to check out the episode, it sounds like it’s getting a great response.

Some details from the G.I. Joe 2 Costume Panel at SDCC

So, our lifeblood to SDCC, A Real American attended the Hollywood costuming panel today and has a few reports on the sketches for the G.I. Joe costumes that were shown.  Keep in mind that the costumes are all preliminary designs, and also they flashed by so fast that it was tough to get full details.

We figure a little intel is better than nothing, though, so here goes… these quotes come from the Twitter account of aRah_Tweets.

“Saw a glimpse of some Joe 2 costume illustrations. They were flashed so quickly I didn’t have time for a pic. Lots of green & brown.”

Encouraging words, but not much detail.  However, he did have some follow ups…

“OK on the costumes one illustration was the Rock as Roadblock in tan pants and sleeveless shirt.”

“There were two other illustrations. One of a female and another with a male. They went by so quickly I couldn’t see details.”

“I think the female had long hair and a tight costume. The male had a hat on and was wearing camo.”

So there you have it.  Not much, no, but better than nothing right?  Thanks to A Real American for the intel!

SDCC intel from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club

So while the GIJCC didn’t bring anything to show from their subscription figures, GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger stopped by their booth and interrogated them a little bit about the subscription idea and offerings.

While we didn’t get any major revelations, there are some cool bits of information in his report:

  • Pricing would be around the same as the Con Exclusive Dial Tone – $20 – $25 a piece
  • They have a list of fan requested figures taken from message boards and their post-con questionaires that they are using to determine what figures to make
  • There should be an update in the August newsletter
  • Final paint prototypes should be hitting very soon.  They had hoped to have something to show at SDCC this year but they didn’t arrive in time.  Once they are approved and finalized we will see some loose figure pictures
  • The line will include 25th style updates of ARAH characters we didn’t get in the 25th line as well as new sculpt characters, female figures and foreign versions (ex. Quarrel)
  • The first 13 figures (12 sub figures and 13th bonus figure) are planned out and approved.  Once all the production approvals are in (paint sign offs etc) they plan to produce all of the sub figures at once so they won’t have any delays once the figures start shipping
  • The details of the payment plans are still being worked out.  They are considering a pay up front model as well as a partial pay model (ex. pay for 6 figures up front, details on this were sketchy as they are still working them out) and you will have the opportunity to buy singles if you want extras or just one figure or want to army build.  However if you don’t subscribe you won’t get the bonus 13th figure.  They are only making enough of the bonus figure to fill subs and no more
  • The first 12 figures have about 5 or 6 new heads
  • If demand is high enough they would love to continue the subscription program into another 12 figures
And that about does it for the subscription stuff.  Stranger also asked about upcoming Convention sets, and reports the following information:
“While the modern 25th style has sold really well there is still a possibility for an O-ring set in 2013.  They have a theme that will work with the remaining tooling available but it will be up to the fans to “put their money where their mouth is”.  The 25th style exclusives have sold out much better than the O-ring exclusives so if fans want O-ring they’ll have to show that support with their wallets.

Also the Manta sets could be done with existing tooling as well but the demand has to be there and backed up with sales.
From what I gathered during this part of my conversation with the Club rep the modern 25th style is just more popular and sells better than the O-ring style.  They have to go with what sells the best and right now its the modern style.”
Now I’m a proponent and a fan of the o-ring style, but I cannot blame them for this.  There is no question after this past year which format is the most popular with the fandom right now, and the Club has to do what will work for them financially.
I want to give a huge thanks Mysterious Stranger for asking these great questions, and a big thanks to Club staffer David Lane for taking some time to answer questions.