FYI about this weekend – Renegades Review, etc…

So, my wife has planned a nice little vacation for the family…or a weekend out of town at least.

Of course she schedules it for the same weekend as the G.I. Joe: Renegades series finale.  I need to train her better.  :shifty:

So, this weekend, the Renegades review will not go up Saturday evening as usual, it will probably be late Sunday instead.  Which also means I have to wait 24 hours to watch it.  ARGH.  Just wanted to give folks a little heads up so they know what to expect.

More San Diego ComicCon Tidbits – toy info from the movie sequel

While no new product is apparently being shown from a G.I. Joe perspective, some information and intel is floating around out there from different sources.

First and foremost, A Real American Tweets that based on conversations with Hasbro designers at SDCC, Data-Viper is not necessarily canceled.  The folks from Hasbro loved the design and want to get the figure released somewhere down the line.  They’re not precisely sure where or when, but folks who love Data-Viper should expect to hopefully see that figure coming.

Also, I received a pretty in depth report from Mysterious Stranger, who is walking the Con floor for GeneralsJoes.

I’d already mentioned the information about Kwinn being a later release in an as-of-yet unrevealed wave.  What MS found out, too, was that there is a slight possibility that they might reveal this wave at New York ComicCon, but that was definitely not confirmed by Hasbro.  NYCC is slated for October 13 – 16, 2011, so it sounds like this would be a wave due for release in early 2012.

He was also able to get some nice information about the upcoming movie sequel and the toys based on that.  Not much detail, but this is what he reports:

“Regarding the movie line, they are working on it full steam ahead and the designs have them excited.  The one thing that they learned from the Rise of Cobra line is that there needs to be a bigger difference in look between the Joes and Cobras.  No more of everyone in black.  You will definitely be able to tell a difference between Joe and Cobra and the Cobra sigil will be very prominent. While they couldn’t be anything other than vague about the movie and the line they did say we can expect to see some classic vehicles modernized in the same way we’ve seen them done in the Pursuit of Cobra line.”

So again, while not much in the way of figures or designs, this gives us some idea on their thought process for toys based on the movie sequel, which is a very good thing.

Last but not least, Mysterious Stranger mentions that Sideshow Collectibles has put out a new diorama piece, and he is hoping to get some more information about that today.  A huge thanks to ‘Stranger for all of this help with getting the info out there.  Really appreciated.