G.I. Joe 2 – “Cobra” no longer “Strikes”? Is Arnold Vosloo returning?

This great G.I. Joe sequel related scoop comes from down under, as Mercer, usually hanging out at JoeBattleLines tosses me a link to a MovieHole article.  In the article, someone who is auditioning for a role in the G.I. Joe Sequel reports what all of us who follow Rhett Reese on Twitter already know.  G.I. Joe 2 is no longer called “Cobra Strikes”.

But what we didn’t know previously is that the new working title is apparently G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation.  Also, from the sounds of it, Arnold Vosloo will be returning to his role as Zartan, the Cobra Master of Disguise!  This is terrific news in my mind.

Of course, this should all be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed…the text of the report is below, courtesy of MovieHole:

Hey Clint,

I went up for “G.I Joe 2″ this week. Now firstly, I believe they’ve changed the name of the film from “G.I Joe 2 : Coba Strikes” to “G.I Joe 2 : Retaliation”.

The part I was chasing was Ibrahim, a presidential advisor to India’s leader. He tries to talk the president out of getting involved in a very suss rescue mission and consequently backing up the united states on something… that might not be totally legit.

And we all know who the president is now, right? Who is running the country? Zartan, played by Arnold Vosloo. He’s got the world leaders all under his thumb, war heads headed towards innocent populaces, and some new heavies on the payroll to keep G.I Joe at bay.

One of the first scenes to be shot is a flashback sequence with young Storm Shadow and young Snake Eyes which will cronicle how they became what they are and their relationship. Those parts have already been cast I think now they’re just working on the smaller roles – presidents of every country; security guards; ‘Mouse’, etc.

Anyway, thought you’d like to know about the title change and all that.”

Excellent intel, and it’s great to have Mercer reporting movie scoops again!