Looking for a Skystriker at Target? This might help

First of all, a big thanks to Outbakk from the Terror Drome for providing this link.  This is a link to a Target product finder, which auto-fills the Skystriker DCPI.  All you need to do is enter your zip code or city/state and it will search neighboring Target stores and let you know which ones have it in stock.

For the record, I’m 0 for 12.  :/

Check it out right here, and please let me know if it works for you.  It definitely generates a result for me, but I have no idea how accurate it is.  For the record, the DCPI for the Skystriker is 087-06-1686.

Happy hunting!

15 thoughts on “Looking for a Skystriker at Target? This might help

  1. Just a heads up…I was able to find PoC Wave 6 at my local Target…I think they’re just coming in this week because when I went to check out, the figures weren’t in their system yet for some odd reason…nevertheless, I got my Crazy Legs, Rock Viper, and Temple Guardian Snake Eyes… :)

  2. Worked like a work powered working machine. Please PLease PLEASE do this again with the Cobra Crimson HISS tank.

  3. I just Did both links for the crimson hiss and the sky stryker and the link says they have them both in limited avail so Im gonna run over tommorow and find out !!! fingers crossed

  4. What is the DCPI for the Crimson HISS? I cant find it (the HISS) on the Target website.

  5. I actually dont know I just clicked the link and put in my zip it said my local store and said limited avail . When I used the dcpi for the sky stryker it showed nothing but when I just clicked the link and hit my zip I got the limited avail again so I really dont know if its working Ill find out tommorow .

  6. I had to ask someone to go get me one (someone else mentions this below I believe) and back he came with one. I smiled.

  7. oh so you got it !!!!! congrats lol !!! I had already preordered a sky striker from big bad toys but I have no Idea when thier gonna get them and ship them

  8. It works! I typed in my zip code last night and it said the store by my house had limited availability. I just went to the store it wasn’t on the self but I asked a lady who worked there and she typed in the DCPI code in her scanner and sure enough it was in the back. They went and got it for me! Thank you for posting this info.

  9. well I gave it a shot but I struck out !!!! Arghhhh grrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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