Amazing Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Zartan and Rock N Roll available for pre-order!!

Either I haven’t been paying attention, or Sideshow totally snuck this up on us!  They originally announced that they would be debuting the 12″ Zartan at San Diego ComicCon, but here we are a week before the Con, and we get the pre-order!  WOAH.

Not only do we get the pre-order, but holy crap the figure is AMAZING.

Yet another painful shot in the gut, considering my Joe budget for the next year.  Wow.  I may have to find a way to get this guy.  Anyone looking for a spare kidney?  Check out the links below to pre-order and just look at that gallery.  Holy CRAP.

EDIT- But wait, that’s not all!  Not only do we get Zartan, but G.I. Joe Heavy Machine Gunner Rock n Roll just joined the Joe roster.  I think Mysterious Stranger just crapped his khakis.  Links are below!

G.I. Joe Collectibles Zartan 12-inch Figure – Sideshow Exclusive Version

G.I. Joe Collectibles Zartan 12-inch Figure

G.I. Joe Collectibles Rock n Roll 12-inch Figure – Sideshow Exclusive Version

G.I. Joe Collectibles Rock n Roll 12-inch Figure


UPDATE – Posted some mirrored images below:

  • Mysterious Stranger

    Pants officially crapped. Just preordered 2 of Rock ‘n’ Roll cuz, well that’s how I roll.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not even a huge Rock n Roll fan, and I’m wallowing in my own filth. Impressive.

  • Anonymous

    The laundry bill just went up, cause I just pulled the trigger on both! Zartan is amazing and that goes without saying, but Rock ‘n’ Roll looks really nice… might be one of my favorites of the line.

  • Weaponlogic

    hell yeah! just pre ordered both of em and I just got my stalker. make my year a sideshow one cos hell yeah this has been a great week!!!!!

  • Southzen

    I love them because they are so freaking awesome but that price is a major pain to swallow, yeah I understand and fully agree with pricing. I save con sets, exclusives, and video games for my big spending.

  • matt cargile

    Okay, now I totally have to recreate that beret look for Rock N Roll in 3.75 scale, because there’s no way I can start buying the 12″ figures.

  • Geoff

    Easy enough with the Marauder beret, but I’ll be damned if I could ever fit a unit patch on there….

  • Dusty Ayers

    “Pants officially crapped” I love that! I went for Zartan but I’m not a huge RnR fan so I passed on him. He kind of reminds me of Duke with a different head.