Upcoming Crimson HISS, Crimson Horseman, and Starscream Skystriker images online!

Leading right up to SDCC, G.I. Joe aficianado Gyre-Viper is at it again!

This time around we get an awesome gallery of the upcoming Crimson HISS Tank, slated for release in Wave 2 of the Bravo line…but more importantly along with the Crimson HISS, we get Cobra’s Crimson Horseman.  For some reason I am unreasonably in love with this figure.  We’ve been inundated with Crimson clones over the years, but this guy just kicks my ass.  Even with that Snake Eyes vest.  Good stuff.

Checkout JoeDeclassified.com for the details, and I’ve also mirrored some images below.

Along with the Crimson HISS and Horseman, he’s also posted some images of the SDCC Starscream Skystriker along with a few more pics of the regular release Skystriker.  Hot damn Starscream looks sexy.  Kinda weird that he’s the same color gray as the regular plane, but I love the Transformers twist.  The stickers, the oversized rubsign…awesome stuff.

That thread on JoeDeclassified can be found here, with some images also mirrored below.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Crimson HISS, Crimson Horseman, and Starscream Skystriker images online!

  1. I thought this was a pretty neat concept, but I was going to pass because of all the other fish I need to fry during these financially dangerous toy collecting months of July and August. But damn it. That oversized rub sign … I don’t know how anyone can say no to that.

  2. Yeah, it’s a really nice looking piece. Still don’t know if I’ll fit it into the budget, but it’ll be a much harder decision now.

  3. Eh… Crimson Horseman is a neat name, but I’m not really wild about the figure.

    But, yes, the rubsign is awesome.

  4. The crimson HISS looks cool but if the pop up mechanism and treads haven’t been fixed then it will still be a pass for me. Volume wise I can use that space for more figs.

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