Upcoming Crimson HISS, Crimson Horseman, and Starscream Skystriker images online!

Leading right up to SDCC, G.I. Joe aficianado Gyre-Viper is at it again!

This time around we get an awesome gallery of the upcoming Crimson HISS Tank, slated for release in Wave 2 of the Bravo line…but more importantly along with the Crimson HISS, we get Cobra’s Crimson Horseman.  For some reason I am unreasonably in love with this figure.  We’ve been inundated with Crimson clones over the years, but this guy just kicks my ass.  Even with that Snake Eyes vest.  Good stuff.

Checkout JoeDeclassified.com for the details, and I’ve also mirrored some images below.

Along with the Crimson HISS and Horseman, he’s also posted some images of the SDCC Starscream Skystriker along with a few more pics of the regular release Skystriker.  Hot damn Starscream looks sexy.  Kinda weird that he’s the same color gray as the regular plane, but I love the Transformers twist.  The stickers, the oversized rubsign…awesome stuff.

That thread on JoeDeclassified can be found here, with some images also mirrored below.

New logo for the G.I. Joe Sequel revealed?

So, I’ve made a regular practice of combing through some casting sites looking for possible news tidbits about the upcoming film, and I may have stumbled upon the new logo for the upcoming G.I. Joe Sequel.

There isn’t really anything saying it’s official, but it looks pretty official, and it looks a bit different than stuff we’ve seen before (I believe).

Check out the image below and decide for yourself!

In depth look at upcoming GIJCC “cancelled” Cobra Commander

With recent word from the GIJCC that their allocation of the “canceled” Pursuit of Cobra Cobra Commander would indeed come with the mailer box and letter, I decided that the value of mine had probably now gone low enough that I was okay to tear that bad boy open.

Considering the GIJCC is starting to wrap up pre-orders so they can order enough figures to fill demand, I figured I’d take a minute to post a large gallery of the figure, just so Joe fans know what they’re going to get.  Obviously the figure itself is identical to the released version, so you can check out that review right here.

Below I’m merely posting images, including a bunch of the HISS Drone in its various stages.  It’s a really cool addition, and I think this piece is worth the money, just as a carded sample in your collection.  It really is pretty awesome.

You can pre-order yours now!

Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Flint Guest Review

While my own Sideshow purchases have been temporarily shelved due to diminishing toy budget, frequent GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger is pitching in!  He has generously donated his time and effort and I have a review posted for Flint in the Sideshow Collectibles section.  Hit up the link below to go direct.