Bonus Review – 25th Anniversary Sting Raider by Mike!

So, when awesome GeneralsJoes contributor Mike was working on the Convention Water Moccasin review for me, he noticed something…  my lazy rear end hadn’t posted a review for the original 25th Anniversary Sting Raider yet!  WTF?

Truth be told, that’s one of those rare Anniversary items that I do not currently own, which is why the review has not been posted.  But, Mike, being awesomeness personified, went up and did a review of it for me while working on the Con set!

Yes, he is the man.

Check out the review at my 25th Anniversary Review Page, or just hit up that link below, and everyone say “thank you, Mike” for doing my work for me.

Thank you, Mike!

3 thoughts on “Bonus Review – 25th Anniversary Sting Raider by Mike!

  1. Nice review of a cool toy. I do agree that the scaling issue makes the Mocc seem odd.

  2. Outstanding!

    I only had the Tiger Shark back in the day, and even then the pilot seat took some finagling to get figures in.

    I would have given this modern form a solid 4 out of 5. Heck, even a 4.5 out of 5. Like stated in the review, the slide-in torpedo, larger driver seat, enlarged storage compartments, etc., etc….. it’s a really nice boat!

  3. Also, having the original and modern side-by-side is great to see how they compare!

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