Press that panic button – the Collectors’ Club will not have any SDCC Exclusives this year

With a single email, Brian Savage at the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club will likely throw the fandom into a frenzy.  In past years, even with SDCC fever hitting the fandom, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has generally been able to offer some of the exclusives through their site.  Not so this year.  We just received the following email from the Collectors’ Club:

“We have been getting a lot of questions about the Hasbro exclusives for this year’s Comic-Con and we want to let you know that we will not be able to get any of the exclusives this year.

If you are interested in these items, you will either need to attend Comic-Con or check Hasbro Toy Shop to see if there are any left after the show.

Have a good summer!


Have a good summer?  HAVE A GOOD SUMMER?!  My summer would be much #$@#! better if I knew I could get a #$@#$ Zarana!!


In all seriousness, while I don’t anticipate Zarana being as hard to get in the long run as Sgt. Slaughter, I know this news will upset the apple cart a little bit within the fandom.  Let’s just hope that Hasbro has the forethought to manufacture enough supply for the demand, especially since they’re apparently restricting the outlets through which they can be sold.

I’m strapping on my flak vest.

GeneralsJoes Reviews the 2011 GIJCC Convention Set!

The day has finally come!  Well, mostly, anyway.  I won’t bother getting into the various reasons why this review was so delayed, but the important thing is that I’ve got it posted…well, for the most part.

Generally even when I don’t make it to the Convention I make arrangements for someone to pick up the exclusives for me.  Well, I let that slip through the cracks a bit this year, and it bit me in the ass, so I am currently Stinger-less, Motor-Viper-less, Cobra Commander-less, Water Moccasin-less, and Tele-Viper Officer-less.  I just can’t squirrel up the extra funds to try and get this stuff on the secondary market.

Thankfully, GeneralsJoes contributor “Beachhead” Mike came through on the Water Moccasin, and Gary “Gyre Viper” Goggles hooked me up with the awesome 2-Pack, so I am able to include those reviews here, but it is essentially the boxed set, the 2-Pack, and the Water Moccasin until I can get my hands on the other stuff.   Hopefully you’ll still find the review helpful!  Check it out as always at the GIJCC Exclusives Review Page, or just click the link directly below:

Okay, the Skystriker just went up a few points on the cool meter

While everyone out there has been drooling about the upcoming Skystriker, I’ve felt a little luke warm, just because I’ve got my vintage ones already, and wasn’t really sure what the appeal of this one was going to be.

Well, here’s a step in the right direction.

Hasbro has been mentioning over the past few months that the Skystriker would come with “customizable” stickers, but without much detail.  Over at, The Commander has unboxed a pre-release version of the venerable G.I. Joe aircraft, and turns out the customizable stickers are pretty kick ass!

They come with different decals for the tail fin and cockpit, depending on who you choose to pilot the plane.  There’s a deck of cards for Ace, a Killer WHALE logo for Shipwreck, a skull and shotguns for Flint, and the Arashikage Clan symbol with dice for Snake Eyes.  How damn cool is that?

I know, in a way, it was obnoxious that everyone and their brother could fly a state of the art fighter jet back in the Sunbow days, but I love it when Hasbro calls back to those good old Sunbow episodes, and this was an awesome way to do that.  Check out the mirrored image below, and hit up to see the entire unboxing.