What’s on Joe Mind Special Pursuit of Cobra Retrospective online!

Whether it’s because there’s too much G.I. Joe news these days, or I’m just too damn long-winded, the recent What’s on Joe Mind podcasts have been running a little bit long.  This week was no exception, but rather than just let the recording roll, we decided to break off our Pursuit of Cobra discussion into a “Special Bonus Edition” and release a second episode this week!

We know it’s tough to find 2 hours in a day dedicated to listening to a podcast, so we hoped by breaking it up, it might be easier to digest.  Well, the special Pursuit of Cobra bonus edition is now online at our Podbean page, and of course, you can always subscribe through iTunes.

Also, check it out with the embedded player below.  Alas, PoC, we hardly knew ye.

Must read Blogging at Robert Atkins Art!

For fans of the IDW comics, Robert Atkins is simply the man.  At least I think so.  I am a huge fan of his artwork whether it be on the main G.I. Joe title from “Season One” or on the specific Snake Eyes title running within the Cobra Civil War story arc.  He manages to take a character I usually don’t care a whole lot about (Snake Eyes) and make me love him with his dynamic artwork, his impressive storyboarding, and the sheer detail of his work.  He really is impressive, and one of the better artists in the IDW stable, in my humble opinion.

Well, he also has a blog, over at RobertAtkinsArt.Blogspot.com and he talks a lot about the artistic process, and focuses quite a bit of attention on G.I. Joe specifically.

He posts a wealth of Joe related “in progress” images and really explores the artistic process with impressive depth and precision.  Any comic fan and really any G.I. Joe fan should check this blog out on a regular basis.  Fantastic stuff.  Hit it up at RobertAtkinsArt.Blogspot.com.

New press images for G.I. Joe SDCC Exclusives

Thanks to the fine bearded triumvirate at Hunter PR we have some very nice shiny new press images for the upcoming SDCC Exclusives.  Between the Starscream themed Skystriker and the twin Zarana’s this looks like a crazy cool year for exclusive items out of San Diego.

Check out the images below, and brace yourselves for SDCC, coming in 2 short weeks!