First detailed glimpse of Steel Brigade Delta and Air Viper PoC figures

We’ve seen some scattered images throughout the ‘net and at Toy Fair and JoeCon, but G.I. Joe ubercollector Gyre Viper got his hands on some early samples of the Steel Brigade Delta figure (slated to come with the VAMP) and the Air-Viper figure (who comes with the Black Dragon VTOL).

As he is wont to do, he took the figures outside to showcase them and took a wealth of awesome pictures, which I have mirrored below.  He posted the intel initially over on JoeDeclassified.

A big thanks to Gyre Viper for these pics!  I already thought the Steel Brigade Delta figure looked pretty cool, but man, he looks amazing now.  A totally new head sculpt and a newly tooled helmet over it.  Awesome touch.

Hey, Canadian Joe fans… answer your damn phones!

Because your American brothers are suddenly going to be your best friends.

That’s right, the day is nigh.  Over on, bandonov reports that he has found the Pursuit of Cobra Ashiko w/ Cycle Armor and HISS Scout at “Winners” (which is the Canadian equivolent of  TJ Maxx).  For $9.99.

Yes, that’s right…  they are officially at Canadian retail.  Let the fury begin!

And for folks who aren’t sure what to think of Ashiko and the Cycle Armor, check out my review right here.

Jim Shooter recaps the secret (and some not secret) origins of G.I. Joe

In one of the most interesting blog readings I’ve been privileged to experience recently, Jim Shooter (who was editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics in the 80’s) has recently posted a nice story about the origins of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.

Mr. Shooter is quick to make sure that Larry Hama gets his due for the evolution of the G.I. Joe brand in the 80’s, and talks about just how closely Marvel and Hasbro worked together to evolve this brand thirty years ago.  Truly a fascinating read.

Check it out right here.

Anyone who doubts the impact and significance of G.I. Joe in the 80’s only needs to look at the image he posts of subscription sales for the comics at the time…G.I. Joe came in at #1, and beat out Spider-Man by over 10,000.  Really eye opening.

What’s on Joe Mind Episode 11 is online now!

While last week’s Canadian jail break incident left the podcast team reeling, Chuck offers up a measure of an apology while the rest of the team tackles the important G.I. Joe issues of today!  We talk about the G.I. Joe sequel, the skinny on the G.I. Joe Club subscription figures, as well as the upcoming pre-orders for the first two waves of new G.I. Joe product.

We promised to tackle the life and death of the Pursuit of Cobra, and unfortunately we could not work it into this regular episode, but expect a special “bonus” episode later in the week just covering that piece of it.

As always, you can download the show at Podbean, subscribe to it via iTunes, and of course listen to the embedded player below.  Enjoy, and please after you listen, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know “What’s on Joe Mind”!