GeneralsJoes SuperPage Updates/Additions

Well, it’s been a while.

Since we really didn’t know a whole lot about the lowdown of the 2012 releases for figures, vehicles, etc…  I had kind of left the SuperPage a jumbled mess.  Well, with the news this week that we now know how the first couple of assortments break down for 2012, I have updated the 2011/2012 G.I. Joe SuperPage with more accurate information.

Also, even though there isn’t a whole lot to talk about yet, I did add a SuperPage for the G.I. Joe film sequel, hitting in 2012.  Expect content there to explode as we get closer to release.

I know I’m way overdue on a review of the 2011 Convention set as well… trust me when I say it’s about 90% done, and it should be posted within the next 48 hours or so.  Thanks for your patience!

Comments section enhanced with Disqus

I know a short while ago, I posed a few questions about what would make the site better.  I got some terrific feedback, and of course, I’ve been too busy to act on much of it, but I did decide to take some suggestions about the commenting system and implemented the Disqus comment plug in through WordPress.

Now, I will say that it doesn’t play all that nice with my theme, so it doesn’t look especially polished, but full functionality is there.   Some perks are as follows:

  • Login and remain logged in under a Disqus profile
  • Threaded comments and replies
  • Individually “Like” comments through Facebook
  • Pass through login under your Twitter account
  • Go back and Edit your previous comments
  • Respond to comments via e-mail (not perfect, but kinda works)

So kick the tires.  Tell me what you think.  I feel like this is a pretty cool community, and I’d like to explore the community aspect a bit deeper.  Any ideas anyone has to do that, I’m open to them.

Hope you all enjoy, and I look forward to any feedback.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation SuperPage

Release Date – June 29th, 2012

Director – Jon M. Chu

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Cast of Characters

G.I. Joe

Joe Colton – Bruce Willis
Duke – Channing Tatum
Snake Eyes – Ray Park
Roadblock – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Flint – D.J. Cotrona
Lady Jaye – Adrianne Palicki
Jinx – Elodie Yung
Mouse – Joe Mazzello
Grunt – Ryan Hansen
Falcon – TBA
Havoc – Matt Gerald
Clutch – Jim Palmer
The Blind Master – RZA


Cobra Commander – Robert Parker (Voice)
Firefly – Ray Stevenson
Storm Shadow – Byung Hun Lee
Zartan – Jonathon Pryce

Character Posters


Entertainment Tonight Previews



First Trailer

Super Bowl TV Spot

French Trailer (with new Footage)

Korean Trailer (with more Storm Shadow)

TV Spot #1

TV Spot #2 (Daytona 500)

Theatrical Trailer #2

International Trailer D (With lots more footage)

International Trailer G (With more footage)

TV Spot – Fist

TV Spot – Drive It

TV Spot – Trust

TV Spot – Retaliate Again

TV Spot – Rock Solid

TV Spot – Team



Cliffside Battle

Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow


Character Profiles

Storm Shadow

Joe Colton


Lady Jaye




Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Roadblock
Adrianna Palicki as Lady Jaye
D.J. Cotrona as Flint
Channing Tatum as Duke


T-Shirt Designs
IDW Prequel Comic Covers

Trailer Screen Caps

G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter sheds some light on subscription offerings

Fellow What’s on Joe Mind host and GeneralsJoes contributor Gary has received his G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter, and while there isn’t a whole lot of concrete detail, David Lane writes a note from the editor which gives us a very nice glimpse into what to possibly expect for the upcoming subscription service.

While I don’t want to go down the note word-by-word, some very cool snippets from the message:

  • Two figures per month for 6 months (which we knew)
  • Bonus 13th figure for all pre-registrants (which we also knew)
  • They will NOT be releasing any mainline characters/figures currently on Hasbro’s production roster
  • Expect more female figures!
  • Several newly sculpted heads!!
  • Variety of Real American Hero Classics, New Sculpt Era (!!!!!!), and foreign characters

Dave also mentions that they will have more to report after San Diego ComicCon, so hopefully the newsletter following that will provide some more intel.  Hell, here’s a thought…is it possible some of the subscription figures will be shown at ComicCon?!  I hadn’t even considered that.  That is just speculation on my part, but certainly an intriguing thought.

Personally, my favorite part of the above message was the words “new sculpt era”.  HELL.  YES.  Could we possible see proper revamps of Barrel Roll, Blackout, or even maybe Munitia??  Hacker, Crosshair, Scalpel, the CLAWS or CLAWS Commander?  The options are endless!  I’ve long said that the new sculpt era was a bountiful harvest of great concepts and great designs, they just suffered some from execution and production techniques at the time.

Take pretty much any of those ideas or designs and put them in with modern day production and I will be in love.

Thanks again to Gary for passing along the great information, and you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be talking about this on What’s on Joe Mind next week.  Of course, if you want to be first in line to get information like this, make sure to join up with the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club!

Nine minutes of new Thundercats animated series footage rocks YouTube

Okay, I have no idea how long this has been posted, so this might be old news, but it’s certainly new news to me.

The long anticipated Thundercats animated series is looking to hit Cartoon Network later this month, and some folks have already gotten their hands on screeners for review.  Well, over on YouTube a whopping nine minutes of footage has emerged!  Taking snippets from various points in the first episode or two of the series, we get a very nice look at Lion-O, Tigra, and Cheetara, and a glimpse into the world that this new series will be built in.

Very Middle Eastern, and a very neat aesthetic.  Action packed by the looks of things, but it’s the little touches to me.  The slight feral growl that you hear in the Thundercats voices as they battle…the mixture of running on all fours, or running on two legs.  The animation seems top notch, and the writing doesn’t appear to pull any punches.  I guess we’ll all find out for sure on July 29th.  Until then, enjoy the footage.