G.I. Joe 2 making strides to please the purists

A short while ago I pointed out that G.I. Joe sequel script writer Rhett Reese had joined some conversations on HissTank.com, making an effort to interact with the fandom there.  He recently posted the following information that I thought beared repeating:

“Well, you’re finally getting a sense of the cast. Still more to come, obviously, a couple biggies in particular. Lorenzo was speaking the truth, ninjas do play a big part in GI Joe 2, but don’t worry, there is plenty of non-ninja stuff. There are some things about the story I can’t wait to confirm, because you purists will be happy. And we have the movie’s title now! Still top secret though. And I’m just going to go ahead and say it: no javelins.”

So while fans might be crying themselves to sleep over a lack of javelins, we do have some stuff to look forward to…plenty of “non-ninja” stuff specifically.

I’m really loving the way the movie makers are interacting with the fans here, and each detail that comes out brings me more optimism…it certainly can’t be worse than Transformers 3.