Lorenzo di Bonaventura talks up ninjas and The Rock for G.I. Joe Sequel

With casting revelations about Jinx and the Blind Master it should surprise no one that the G.I. Joe sequel will certainly feature an element of Ninja action.  While this might make some fans a little squirrely, you can’t argue that ninjas have been at the core of the G.I. Joe mythology since the beginning (especially in the Marvel Universe) so it does make a measure of sense to keep them on the radar for the sequel.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura spoke recently and reinforced that fact, making mention of a “Snake Eyes story” as well as a “Joe Story” which almost seems to indicate this might feature a bit of a Snake Eyes origin tale, or it will at least branch off somewhat from the main G.I. Joe military angle.

For anyone who was concerned that perhaps The Rock was just there as a quick cameo, you do not have to worry about that either, as Di Bonaventura assures us that he will be a main focal point of the sequel and will be one of the lead characters.  Check out the embedded video from Collider below.

3 thoughts on “Lorenzo di Bonaventura talks up ninjas and The Rock for G.I. Joe Sequel

  1. i thought that this guy quit Paramount.


    here’s what i really want to know at this point…

    is this a reboot or sequel?

    if its a sequel…
    what happens to Commander, Destro, Baroness and Zartan?
    why isnt team Alpha in it…where are they?
    what about the nano tech?

    if its a reboot…
    why do we have to have tatum back?
    how about naming some villains?

    as far as the info in this article…

    since when did roadblock become a big enough character to be the center of a GI Joe movie? (and im not looking for “since Rock was cast as roadblock” as an answer)
    and where i know a lot of Joe fans love the ninjas…the only ninja i really care to have in this is Storm Shadow. as a kid i didnt really like the revelation that Snake Eyes was a ninja…but when Joe went all ninja-centric…i really hated it.

    i have to be honest here……where im glad to see another Joe movie being made…and i will see it to be certain…ive not been thrilled with anything ive heard from this production yet.

    im getting the same feeling with ”cobra strikes” (until something official comes along) that im having about ”dredd”…the new one will validate the original.

  2. After the endless tirade of lies he told fans regarding RoC, I don’t believe a word he says.

    I thought this loser had left GIJoe 2 anyway.

  3. I agree with you, overall. Your questions are good ones, but we just have to be patient and see where the story goes once the studio gets closer to the release date. The only thing that really strikes me as worrisome about this news is that The Rock is seen as a good addition.

    He’s a great wrestler, and a decent comedic actor, but he does terribly in action roles so I would feel better if he were NOT in this.

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