Win a pre-production G.I. Joe Skystriker only from What’s on Joe Mind!

Okay, I already mentioned the podcast itself, but I feel compelled to make special mention of a contest we’re running at the Podcast!  We have a one-of-a-kind preproduction G.I. Joe Skystriker due out in the 30th Anniversary line within the next few months.

This awesome, unique collectible can be ALL YOURS for free!  You simply have to answer a few questions.  These questions are all very easy, but there’s a hitch.  You must have listened to some previous Podcast episodes in order to get this information!

The questions are as follows:

  1. What’s Gary’s favorite Joe character?
  2. What’s the only Sideshow figure that Greg has?
  3. What was Justin’s old AOL email account?
  4. What potentially canceled Alpha vehicle/figure does Chuck REALLY want?

Again, these are all very easily answered questions for folks who have listened to the podcast…and if you don’t know the info, hit up our Podbean Page to listen to those past episodes!

Then, once you have the correct information, send the answers to  A name will then be drawn out of a hat and that person will win the Skystriker!

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