Heaven help us, Episode 10 of What’s on Joe Mind is online

Running on four hours sleep was my excuse, don’t ask me what Chuck’s problem was…but the latest episode of What’s on Joe Mind has been posted, and it’s a doozie.  We cover the gamut from G.I. Joe: Renegades to G.I. Joe Sequel news, and I have a little rant about the casting of the Blind Master.

Chuck also recounts his daring rescue of Greg from a Canadian prison and expresses his love for Poutine…  that’s POUTINE.

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3 thoughts on “Heaven help us, Episode 10 of What’s on Joe Mind is online

  1. Hey Justin, just listened to the show. I’m a big fan and just want to clear up the comments from the mailbag regarding the OSC club and your guys response. First of all thanks to you and the guys for mentioning the Club on the show! It’s a huge undertaking and we can’t do it with out lots of fan support. The lack of any kind of respect, support, or love for the O-Ring style Joe’s from 82-94 that we all grew up with has been shocking and irritating to me the. I think the ME Joe’s are awesome and I’ve bought all of them the 25th, ROC, POC, you name it. When I saw Slayer had an ARAH project in the works I said sign me up! Finally among the sea of intricate ME figures that are like art dolls with the best articulation ever, sniper poses, karate moves and endless possibilities stood a small island of my old school Joe’s! The Joe’s that I grew up with, simple Joe’s, old school Joe’s and then the first thing you hear somebody say when the hear about them is “Why doesn’t it have more articulation?’ ‘ The ankles should move!” it irks you. I can sympathize with your listener. I get what your saying though. You did have good points about the swivel arm and ball neck improvements in the OG line but I’m all for keeping them classic for now. I fill a minor role in the club and I know the guys doing all the real work are doing an awesome job to bring you figures that never were! I just don’t want you to come down too hard on your writer, we’re all excited about the thought of these old school style figures in our hands again and it can make a Joe fan passionate! Thanks again to you and the What’s on Joe mind? gang for talking about the OSC club on the show!

  2. That ‘Poontang’ reference had me laughing in my car! But I’m absolutely shocked that almost everyone on the podcast (except Chuck) was ‘meh’ with idea of a Joe/Transformers crossover line. I’m been dreaming about such a line since the 80’s.

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