Big Bad Toy Store confirms wave pack outs for upcoming PoC items

I think many of us had a good idea that the first wave of 30th Anniversary stuff would be re-issue heavy, but just in case we weren’t fully aware, BigBadToyStore has posted pre-orders for upcoming product, which also breaks down the list of items per wave.

Wave 1 sadly only has two new figures, Sgt. Stalker and Hazard Viper mixed in with repacks of Steel Brigade, Cobra Viper, Cobra Trooper, and Iron Grenadier.  Of course, the good news is, these figures are all pretty desirable army builders, so it may not be quite so painful.

Wave 2 will consist of Renegades Firefly, Renegades Duke, Renegades Snake Eyes, and Renegades Cobra Commander.

The first mid sized vehicle assortment has the Crimson HISS and Black Dragon VTOL.  I’ve posted all of the pre-order links below:

BBTS does have “September, 2012” listed as a release date for the Wave 2 stuff, but I suspect that is just a typo.  No images have been posted as of yet.

8 thoughts on “Big Bad Toy Store confirms wave pack outs for upcoming PoC items

  1. Why does this [Wave 2 2012 – Case of 12 (Arrives September, 2011)] was listed in BBTS as arriving next year?

  2. Yeah, that’s a really good first set – five army builders and Stalker, who can serve as a base for any number of heads that one wishes to stick on there (as I’m fairly sure that his forearms aren’t exposed.)

    Makes me even happier that I didn’t order Wave 6 at all.

  3. Crap, I’m really thinking I should’ve bought a second set of Wave 1 now. Damn you, groupthink!

    (In all seriousness, it’s cheaper for Canadians to buy two separate orders anyway – a six-figure wave falls JUST below the level that would attract attention from customs)

  4. Lots of rehashes, but at least they’re changing up the decos or weapons on some of them in that first wave.

    By the way, the Bravo Vehicles Link is for Wave 2 (Crimson Hiss Tank and Black Dragon VTOL) not Wave 1 (VAMP and Black Dragon VTOL). I was a little confused at first.

    It’s interesting. If you want to get 1 of each of these three Bravo vehicles, it’s cheaper to buy the VAMP separate and Wave 2 as a “case”, because they’re selling the Crimson Hiss for $30 separate (pretty shocking for the third recolor, but it does look pretty sharp in red!), the Vamp for $22, and the VTOL for $25. While a Wave 1 or 2 case is $45.

  5. While this is awesome news, I still live in absolute terror that the news will come down that Airtight/ Techno-Viper/ Lifeline/ Scarlett won’t be coming out. XD

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