Big Bad Toy Store confirms wave pack outs for upcoming PoC items

I think many of us had a good idea that the first wave of 30th Anniversary stuff would be re-issue heavy, but just in case we weren’t fully aware, BigBadToyStore has posted pre-orders for upcoming product, which also breaks down the list of items per wave.

Wave 1 sadly only has two new figures, Sgt. Stalker and Hazard Viper mixed in with repacks of Steel Brigade, Cobra Viper, Cobra Trooper, and Iron Grenadier.  Of course, the good news is, these figures are all pretty desirable army builders, so it may not be quite so painful.

Wave 2 will consist of Renegades Firefly, Renegades Duke, Renegades Snake Eyes, and Renegades Cobra Commander.

The first mid sized vehicle assortment has the Crimson HISS and Black Dragon VTOL.  I’ve posted all of the pre-order links below:

BBTS does have “September, 2012” listed as a release date for the Wave 2 stuff, but I suspect that is just a typo.  No images have been posted as of yet.

BBTS News: 4000 Item Sale, Hot Toys, Transformers, Lion-O, Disney & More

Hi – Here is a quick update from about some
more new arrivals, cool new preorders, and our latest sale.


We’ve just cut pricing on hundreds more items and updated the sales menus.
There are now over 4000 items priced between 20% and 90% off our list
price!   Check for many new additions in the lower discount brackets and
check for great deals on previous sale items in the higher discount
brackets.   View the link below for all the sale items:

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Win a pre-production G.I. Joe Skystriker only from What’s on Joe Mind!

Okay, I already mentioned the podcast itself, but I feel compelled to make special mention of a contest we’re running at the Podcast!  We have a one-of-a-kind preproduction G.I. Joe Skystriker due out in the 30th Anniversary line within the next few months.

This awesome, unique collectible can be ALL YOURS for free!  You simply have to answer a few questions.  These questions are all very easy, but there’s a hitch.  You must have listened to some previous Podcast episodes in order to get this information!

The questions are as follows:

  1. What’s Gary’s favorite Joe character?
  2. What’s the only Sideshow figure that Greg has?
  3. What was Justin’s old AOL email account?
  4. What potentially canceled Alpha vehicle/figure does Chuck REALLY want?

Again, these are all very easily answered questions for folks who have listened to the podcast…and if you don’t know the info, hit up our Podbean Page to listen to those past episodes!

Then, once you have the correct information, send the answers to  A name will then be drawn out of a hat and that person will win the Skystriker!

Heaven help us, Episode 10 of What’s on Joe Mind is online

Running on four hours sleep was my excuse, don’t ask me what Chuck’s problem was…but the latest episode of What’s on Joe Mind has been posted, and it’s a doozie.  We cover the gamut from G.I. Joe: Renegades to G.I. Joe Sequel news, and I have a little rant about the casting of the Blind Master.

Chuck also recounts his daring rescue of Greg from a Canadian prison and expresses his love for Poutine…  that’s POUTINE.

Check out What’s on Joe Mind at our Podbean page, or just hit up the embedded player below!