DJ Cotrona confirmed for role in G.I. Joe sequel

Just yesterday we posted rumors about RZA and DJ Cotrona being possibly linked to the G.I. Joe sequel.  Well, even though Jon Chu has been retweeting several articles in reference to RZA, the first semi-official confirmation is for DJ Cotrona, and it comes from the Twitter page of G.I. Joe 2 scribe Rhett Reese.  In a response to staffer Echo7Solo, he writes:

“…that one I can confirm. DJ in the movie!”

Rumors abound that Cotrona will be playing famous Warrant Officer Flint in the Joe sequel, and I think he would make a great one.  Granted, most folks haven’t seen his work, but as a huge fan of Detroit 187, I’m pretty familiar with him.  He certainly wasn’t the strongest personality on that show, but I think he would still make a fine Flint.  Check out a YouTube embed below for some of his work:


Again, not the strongest personality in the show, but he’s got a great foundation and a bunch of potential.

4 thoughts on “DJ Cotrona confirmed for role in G.I. Joe sequel

  1. yes! I’ll be the first to comment that I am so excited for Flint to be in the G.I.Joe sequel! I hope this incarnation will be true to the Sunbow cartoon & marvel comics one: Macho, comedic, and romantic. This will be epic. Hoping for the best!

  2. Justin if you look back I’m pretty sure Rhett was referring to Dwayne Johnson not DJ Cotrona. The tweet before that one was about the Rock. Not that it matters because I think Slashfilms(?) confirmed it today.

  3. I’d love to see Flint in the next movie…..DJ Cotrona was probably recommended by Channing Tatum to the role of Flint at he does fit the bill but also he starred opposite to Tatum as one of his Special Forces Team Members in Dear John…he played Noodles.

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