Does G.I. Joe 2 have its Flint and Blind Master?

Well, as if it wasn’t clear that the G.I. Joe sequel was going to delve further into Snake Eyes’ past, it is pretty clear now.

Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision site is reporting that D.J. Cotrona will be joining the G.I. Joe team in the sequel starring as famous G.I. Joe Warrant Office Flint!  Fans of Detroit 187 (such as myself) will recognize Cotrona as Detective John Stone.  He certainly has the look, and he seemed like a good actor in what I saw of him during Detroit 187 (which incidently I think was one of the most underrated television shows in a long while).

In the same article, they mention rapper-turned-actor RZA is also in talks to join the G.I. Joe motion picture sequel as the “Blind Master”, who was Jinx’s chief martial arts instructor from the Arashikage Clan.  The Blind Master is a pretty random name to pick out of a hat, so it certainly seems as if there may be something to this.  So what we have so far in the roster (if these rumors come true) are:

  • Duke (Channing Tatum)
  • Roadblock (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)
  • Flint (DJ Cotrona)
  • Snake Eyes (Ray Park)
  • Jinx (Elodie Yung)

Certainly a pretty eclectic group.  Having Flint there would also make an appearance by Lady Jaye pretty likely as well.  Very interesting.  Really looking forward to starting to hear a bit more about who might be on the Cobra side of the roster.  Time will tell.

15 thoughts on “Does G.I. Joe 2 have its Flint and Blind Master?

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  2. Awesome. As I’ve said before, I think Chu is going to be doing right by Joe.

  3. Is Rock officially Roadblock? I know The Rock is in it, but I didn’t think his role was confirmed…

  4. RZA makes this film a whole different animal. I think I’m getting a pinch excited.
    Too bad the film isn’t being directed by Jim Jarmusch. heheheh

  5. Cotrona seems a bit young for flint…thats just based on his IMDB pic…i dont know his work. but im sure he was great in that other channing tatum movie. no judgement there…just a presented fact rolled in a small dose of snark. sorry.

    dont care who plays blind master, long as he ends up murdered by zartan.

    speaking of which……..i REALLY hope that Arnold Vosloo returns…though i do want his look more accurate to tradition.
    (and even if Vosloo doesnt return, i do want the President issue addressed.)

  6. if jim jarmusch was directing then we’d have forest whitaker playing roadblock. ghost dog was a awesome movie.

  7. I googled DJ Cotrona, he definitely looks the part for Flint. This sequel is looking good.

  8. I think I am one of the few who like the actor likeness sculpts. But I am already looking forward to movie figures.

  9. OOOOOOOOOOOOH Snap! RZA as the Blind Master clinches it! This might actually be worth the price of admission. We’ve got a cute french/asian chick, an actual actor instead of a former stripper, and The Rock. Damn this might just get the job done.

  10. No Pat, I am right there with you. I have already said once on the podcast, the toys are going to be pretty cool.

  11. I didn’t care for the RoC Viper helmets, and considering how many Vipers and Cobra Troopers I already have, that’s a minor issue. Beyond that, I thought the toy line was fantastic. Even when I don’t want to use an actor likeness as the intended character in my collection, it gives me a unique head for a swap. That’s always a good thing. In terms of quality, RoC is still the best 3¾”/4″ movie line Hasbro (or any other company, for that matter) has done. Even if the sequel is a terrible movie, I have no doubt that we’ll get some great toys out of it.

  12. I love the RZA, WU-TANG & all that!!! But can we get some type of authenticity, please… Character development is somewhat inconsistent.

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