G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 22 Added to the Episode Guide

What a great Friday!  All sorts of action from the Canadian JoeCon, and rounding it all off with a little G.I. Joe: Renegades.  Episode 22 “Cutting Edge” has aired, and I have reviewed it and added it to my exhaustive Episode Guide.

You can also check out the page itself at the link below:

More images from Canadian JoeCon – Close up of the Cobra Viper!!

Ask and ye shall receive!  Gary and Ed, both live from the Canadian JoeCon have come through with some more images of new PoC items, including a couple great close ups of the Cobra Viper with the red arm guards!

Awesome work, guys, thanks!!  And be sure to keep tuned to JoeCanuck.com for the latest and greatest details from the Canadian JoeCon!!

Hasbro shows off some carded Pursuit of Cobra at Canadian JoeCon

After being absent from the Canadian JoeCon last year, Hasbro Canada has returned this year and brings some nice stuff along with ’em!  On the spot reporter and fellow What’s on Joe Mind podcast member Gary is in Toronto and has shared some images of upcoming Pursuit of Cobra items on card and at the Con!

So far we’ve got an image of the carded Pursuit of Cobra Stalker, and we’ve sent word along to Gary so hopefully we’ll get some more goodies as the day goes on!