GeneralsJoes wraps up reviews for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5

I posted the first half of the PoC Wave 5 reviews yesterday, and am posting the second half today, over on the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page.  You can hit up that page, or just click the links below to go directly.


9 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes wraps up reviews for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5

  1. Just wonderful – you have created a back story that has made the jungle BAT a little more desirable. I may have to buy a couple more!
    Great reviews on the Cobra Trooper and Steel Brigade trooper. Incredible work by Hasbro on these two.

  2. Delightful photos and reviews. Just makes the wait for the parcel in the mail, that much harder.

  3. Thanks for the reviews. I’m desperately fighting the urge to army build the Cobra and Steel Brigade Troopers.

  4. So…I recently got an army of Cobra Troopers from my friendly Marshall’s for a pittance…and now, looks like I need to replace them with the new troopers which are almost impossible to find, but leagues better? Thanks, Hasbro. Thanks.

    And the Steel Brigade troops…I’ve never hidden my love for the concept…and again, a troop builder I would gladly shell out the green for, and I can’t find them individually anywhere. Rargh! I have one of each coming, but how good does that Army of Troopers look in your photogs, Justin? Pretty good…

  5. Easily the worst part of these figures is finding them. I got two each of the Steel Brigade and Cobra Trooper and want more! Even picked up the Jungle BAT and like it far more than I thought I would. Definitely will pick up a couple more or so if I find them.

  6. great reviews man , to be honest every time when i wanna know something about a figure an make a desicion , icheck your reviews

    by the way u miss the steel brigade mk16 ¨scar¨

  7. Sounds like distribution isn’t any better for this wave than the last ones? Bah

  8. Can’t wait for the 30th Anniversary Cobra Viper upgrade to go with this absolutely perfect Cobra Soldier. Then the two base Cobra troopers will be perfect and I can army build them for the rest of my days. :D

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