Gyre Viper reveals exceptionally cool Ferret 2-up

Something old, something new…  alongside the miniature showcase of Zarana images that I just mentioned, Gyre Viper has also posted images of a 2-up sculpted model of the Iron Grenadiers DEMON driver Ferret.

Thanks to some great close up pictures, the amazing level of detail and sculpting skill is immediately evident throughout every inch of this figure.  Astoundingly cool.  Anyone who is a G.I. Joe fan should enjoy and appreciate the fact that these are out there and that we’re getting a chance to view them.  Then also think about just how much work goes into each and every figure the next time you feel like posting a “meh” or “fail” on a message board.

Check out the mirrored images below, and of course, hit up for the full skinny.

More polished Zarana samples on JoeDeclassified

I think most of us saw Gyre Viper’s Zarana samples from a few weeks ago, and I think we all thought they looked pretty good.  Well, he got his hands on some slightly more finished samples (on card at that!) and they look just that little bit better.

Instead of glossy, the figures look a bit more flat, and the normal release Zarana lacks the eye make up that was bugging folks.  Though she does still have the multi-colored hair.  He posted the images up on JoeDeclassified, and I’ve got ’em mirrored below as well:

IDW G.I. Joe Solicitations for September, 2011

Thanks to IDW, we have the solicitations for IDW G.I. Joe issues coming in September.  Click the read the rest of the story link below to check out all the details.

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GeneralsJoes wraps up reviews for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5

I posted the first half of the PoC Wave 5 reviews yesterday, and am posting the second half today, over on the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page.  You can hit up that page, or just click the links below to go directly.